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Customer Testimonials

"Your customer service was extremely courteous and helpful in selecting my appropriate product."

Robert - Jul 20, 2010
"My experience with your Pet Super Store was very satisfying. I purchased three items, including a ramp for my wife’s SUV for our yellow lab, Bailey. He is only 9 months old, but with the tendencies of labs to have hip and joint issues I wanted to make sure he wasn’t putting undue stress on himself as he begins to age. The bed and tube I got him for my new car arrived yesterday, and were just as I hoped they would be. The ramp will not arrive for a few more days, but I am looking forward to that arriving as well. You have a great selection and prices are very comparable, I actually found a few items in the Skymall magazine, but went comparison shopping to find that your selection was better and prices were lower on many items. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to provide feedback, and I look forward to returning for future purchases as the need arises."

Mike - Jul 7, 2010
"May I say that I am very pleased with the way the transaction took place. Response was prompt. I also needed to change a delivery address post order confirmation and that too was done very quickly. So big ups to you all at Pet Super Store."

Clem - Jun 24, 2010
"I was very pleased on how easy it was to shop. The only problem I had was that the system did not correct the number of items and ended up charging me double. I immediately called customer service and Heidi took care of it for me. So far, it has all been good. "

Maria - Jun 23, 2010
" I thought ordering from the website was extremely easy. I found the Customer Reviews very helpful and it helped me decide on my purchase. I also received a phone call a few days after making my order, and was informed of the company name change that I would see on my bank statement. I thought it was very curious to inform me of that. I have nothing but good things to say about my first time order from this company, I can't wait to get my product!"

Kathryn - Jun 14, 2010
"After just one order, I can see I'll be ordering something again from you guys. Everything turned out good, only now I'm thinking faster delivery and probably something soon. THANK YOU!"

Robin - Jun 6, 2010
"The only problem I had was I was unable to get your web site to accept a foreign address. I then Skyped customer service where I was given first class service and the order went through smoothly. It has not yet arrived in Spain but I will certainly get back to you if there is any difficulty."

Robert - May 27, 2010
"Having previously ordered and received 3 of the All Weather crate pads for the crates in my car, I was quick to order 3 more for my kennels in the RV. I ordered on-line and did not need any customer service help. I do wish there were some neutral colors to choose from (grey or beige) and that these pads could be sent out in less than the 3 weeks the website mentioned. I spent some time shopping for dog beds, but will have to wait on those for now. I love your products and have already recommended them to other stock dog friends."

Linda - May 21, 2010
"I have had quick responses to any e-mails I've sent. I really appreciate the great customer service. Thanks!"

Amy - May 8, 2010
"Your web site is very easy to navigate. Prices are terrific. I have not yet received my merchandise, but look forward for quality and will advise if I am disappointed. I would have appreciated more info on shipping. I have only thus far received confirmation of my order, but no shipping information. Other than that, I believe I will be a constant browser of your site. Thank you,"

Jane - May 7, 2010
"Thanks for the follow up. I would love to take this opportunity and express my satisfaction with your site. I placed an order on the morning of May 6th and it had shipped out THAT evening. I honestly did not expect such a quick turn around and was pleasantly surprised. Additionally, the variety of products your company offers was impressive. I needed to purchase a specific type of training collar for my 6-month old (stubborn!) French Mastiff puppy. I was able to find exactly what I needed at a very reasonable price. Plus the free shipping price was a nice perk! Finally, the e-mail communication regarding my confirmation and shipping data was top-notch. Thanks again for the superb web shopping experience! I intend on being a return customer!"

Kristina - May 7, 2010
"This is my first time to shop with Pet-Super-Store, I found your site very good and simple to use, customer service was excellent."

Noel - Apr 20, 2010
"This was the first time I ordered from your site and I found it easy to navigate and find what I was looking for. There was one thing I found a little bit confusing was when I was shopping. As I was looking for invisible fencing systems I clicked on one of the fence systems to read all about it and below on the left are two smaller boxes with pictures in them. At first I thought that was a different view or closer view of the same product I clicked on, but it appears that the two pictures are two totally different fencing systems you also offer. At first glance I wasn’t sure if they were options for the fence I chose or additional items that could be added to the fence. Since on the bottom of the page there is a “people who liked this also liked” section, I still don’t know why those other two pictures are there."

Caroline - Apr 18, 2010
"I have to say that your customer support rates a 10 with me Katie who I have been conversing with was totally awesome and the main reason we chose your company over others that we found. Keep up the good work."

Merri - Apr 13, 2010
"I was very confused about what i needed when ordering our electric fence. Your salesperson was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I will do business with you from now on."

Kelly - Apr 13, 2010
"A plus is that there is no need to register (user name, password, etc) to place an order."

Alan - Mar 31, 2010
"We found your site to be very informative and have all of the products we were looking for! Thank you very much!"

Gloria - Mar 30, 2010
"The young lady I talked to about the crates was very helpful. Hope delivery is just as good."

Richard - Mar 27, 2010
"The ease of which we were able to find the product we wanted was great. The the product description was excellent. We can't wait to get our order. We ordered a set of "pet steps" for our 7 year old Lab, Bailey, who has been diagnosed with arthritis of the knees. She is finding it very difficult to get up on the bed so we are doing all we can to make her life easier. And we are confident that our 11 year old Lab, Jake, will use them also. "

Steven and Christine - Mar 25, 2010
"We received our order much sooner than we expected to. The product does what is supposed to do. My dog had been walking up the chain link fence and getting out. Had to go out with him or he would be running down the alley. He doesn't get close to the fence now, no matter how many squirrels tease him, or when other dogs get out and run down the alley."

Ann - Mar 21, 2010
"I loved shopping with you. You have several items that interest me. I have dogs & a bird. I hope you restock your bird cages & that you get bird toys & food. I use Harrisons food & it is difficult to find locally."

Susan - Mar 5, 2010
"My name is Dilia Mora and I am a new customer . I am waiting for my pups' custom made orthopedic bed. I would like to comment on the excellent customer service that i have received from your representatives. I had a few problems , and each of them was addressed and resolved in a timely and professional manner. Mind you the issues were all my fault. But nevertheless your customer service was awesome!! "

Dilia - Feb 16, 2010
"It is an easy website to use and did not have to contact customer service. The only suggestion that I have is to put a link to ups with the tracking number, which makes it much easier & quicker to check on delivery."

Terri - Feb 12, 2010
"Customer service was excellent. I had two questions before ordering, and she was great about answering. I feel bad I don't remember her name. Thank her if you can find out. I received our electric fence kit this evening, will open it up tonight or tomorrow and read up on it and install on Thursday. I will give feedback on the kit, after wards. Thanks again !"

Bob - Feb 9, 2010
"This was my first time using your website. Everything went smoothly. We hope that the product we bought will be a saver for our dogs. We moved into a new place with a chain link fence and our dogs keep escaping. We have already been contacted by animal control and hope that this will solve our problems. Thanks again for making it a smooth purchase."

Jennifer - Feb 4, 2010
"I got an excellent service I talk to a lady who was helpful and patient I cannot ask for better service I also got a detail email about my order I give you people 5 Stars and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friend or make another order when needed I Thank You "

Yolande - Jan 31, 2010
"I was really impressed with how fast my order was processed and shipped. The information on your website was very informative and helped me make my decision on which product I wanted to purchase. Thank you"

Heidi - Jan 24, 2010
"I think that your site is very good, also you have a very good customer service (each time I have a question, you answer very fast). Thanks, I hope to continue to work with you."

Michael - Jan 22, 2010
"I received excellent customer service from Renee-- she went above & beyond to help ensure that my custom order item will be to my liking. I just placed the order yesterday and I feel confident that I will get what I am expecting or that Renee will advise me that it isn't possible (as she promised). Thank you! "

Kim - Jan 14, 2010
"I loved shopping your site and feel one major improvement could be made that would make it steller for me; That would be to include paypal as another method of payment. "

Kurt - Dec 21, 2009
"My husband and I came to Ft Hood, Tx. to see our son who is graduating from the PA (physician assistant) school. My husband is a Vietnam veteran and has health issues. We have a border collie mix and due to medication is now around 80 lbs. It has been all my husband and myself could do to lift our dog into our F350 Super-duty truck. While at my sons we were directed to your website. We had been to Petsmart, Petco, Petland and found nothing. At your web site, we found just what we needed. We ordered AND had our pet ramp in two days!!! We can not tell you how much your product and service has helped us....Even our dog, Samantha says thank you!!!!"

Mary - Dec 17, 2009
"Your site and service were excellent. No comments for improvements. Looking forward to receiving our order."

Richard - Dec 13, 2009
"I ordered a training collar for our 3 month old Coonhound. It was by far the best price I have seen for this particular product and your website was extremely easy to navigate. I haven't received it yet, but I expect your delivery will parallel your customer service. Thank you. "

Brad - Dec 6, 2009
"I could not have been happier with the customer service I received. I have placed an order and awaiting its arrival. It was because of the customer service that I ordered from you. Thank you again,"

Jackoleen - Nov 17, 2009
"Great service so far, very prompt emails, prompt shipping of my order. Honestly don’t think it could be better service! I wish you stocked the dolly to go with the crate I ordered so I could quit searching for a good one & just use you again."

Layla - Nov 16, 2009
"So far, so good. Your website was easy to use. I received a prompt reply and shipping info. Just waiting for my doggie door. Thanks!"

Elizabeth - Nov 16, 2009
"You guys did a great job. I just got the elevated pet feeder yesterday and it looks great and the dog loves it. Shipping took longer than I expected but that was just my expectations go a rye. Thanks for your help."

Denise - Nov 14, 2009
"I found the range of products to be very good. I was looking for dog beds, and there were many to choose from. As I looked through the Dutches beds, the different color choices came up as different images, a real nice feature. I had to return an item--my error--and that process went well also, with my RMA request being handled fairly quickly. All in all, the experience has been good; no complaints. Thanks."

Layne - Nov 12, 2009
"I placed my order by phone and the lady that I talked with was very nice and helpful, I wasn’t sure about what I was ordering and she helped me out. Again, she was very helpful and I thank her for all she did."

Peggy - Nov 4, 2009
"Your site is excellent and ordering products through you was very user friendly highly recommended and will pass this onto all my hunting mates"

Lee - Oct 25, 2009
"I think you have a lot of cool things on your website and will be making it another resource to check when I need something for my pups! I had a question on the Double Pharaoh diner (large) - the image looked a little weird, like the bowls were nested or something, but after reading the testimonials, I felt reassured. That is a nice thing - testimonials from other satisfied customers right there with the product. I am looking forward to getting my bowls!"

Nancy - Oct 22, 2009
"I thought the website was designed well, and was very informative. The site described the product very well, with all specifications, materials, and clear pictures from all different angles. The buying process was flawless and fast."

Sandi - Oct 20, 2009
"I thought the email notifications were helpful, as well as the shipping updates. Overall I felt the service I received on this order was good. "

Sarah - Oct 20, 2009
"Service was great thanks!"

Christian - Oct 12, 2009
"Customer service was excellent."

Brandi - Oct 11, 2009
"Your site had a variety of items to choose from and it was easy to check out and purchase the item. I also liked the reviews that were provided for specific items. It provided useful information for me as a customer. I would shop at this site again."

Victoria - Oct 10, 2009
"When the order was transmitted to you via the web, somehow the numbers in my street address weren't all there. A customer service rep called my home and left a message asking me to confirm the complete address, which she had found by going on line to the white pages and finding my listing there. Awesome! Also, you keep in touch with customers letting us know what is going on with the order - I got three emails - which I liked alot. I received the products today and would happily purchase on line from you again. "

Beth - Oct 1, 2009
"I've used PSS for everything from collars to electric fences and dogtra bark collars and trainers. Every time I call in or place an order I get a streamlined process! I've looked through a dozen other sites and none of them are as simple yet stacked as yours. I would and do recommend you to everyone. Thanks, and I'll be shopping again soon!"

Derek - Sep 29, 2009
"The pet door is now installed and working perfectly. I found your site by surfing the web and your service was great. I presently have a pet door for my sliding door but it's a single flap and he wind often blows it open due to weak magnets and just strong winds. When I saw your extreme weather door I knew it would be perfect for what I wanted. I built my own frame and installed your door. This solved my wind problem and allowed me to build a slim door. The old patio doggie door was wider and I had a hard time fitting through the patio door while it was in place. A couple of inches make a big difference!"

Dan - Sep 21, 2009
"I thought you were very helpful and responded very quickly to my inquiries. Would recommend your site too people in New Zealand."

Duncan - Sep 19, 2009
"Actually I had some trouble with your web based order system. I tried 5 times with 3 different credit cards and it still would not accept the information or take my order. I kept getting a message to complete the form but there was nothing I could find that wasn't completed. I then called the toll free number and the call-taker was very helpful and processed my order."

Mike - Sep 16, 2009
"I got a quick response to my email question, which led to my ordering two dog beds. "

Kristin - Sep 15, 2009
"This is the first time that I have used you and haven't received my shipment yet, so it is hard to give you feedback. I do like your website! You might want to reconsider your hours for customer service for people who live on the west coast. I will be back again! "

Amy - Sep 14, 2009
"Thank you for providing your product at a reasonable price!"

Nina - Sep 12, 2009
"We just received our radio fence Early I might add customer service was excellent and the speed at which everything was done was phenomenal."

Kelley - Sep 1, 2009
"Best web site over-all. Customer service was excellent as I was worried that I could not print the invoice information at time of purchase from home. Thank customer service for e-mailing me a second invoice so I could print it from work. Thank you"

Leroy - Aug 31, 2009
"I ordered a dog training collar late Friday night, got a confirmation email immediately - and the collar was mailed on Saturday and I was given a tracking number.Also, you're interested enough in giving good customer service that you're doing this promotion and sending these emails out. I owned and ran a small business for 15 years, and I don't see how you could do it any better. That's appreciated. "

Sam - Aug 30, 2009
"Thanks so much for the opportunity to voice my opinion! I am hoping to be pleased with my purchase, upon arrival. Not to mention that I was able to customize the ramp to my liking--love it. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Again, thank you."

Guri - Aug 30, 2009
"The product arrived on time. I'm very pleased with the customer service and quick response when I needed to change the shipping preference. You have an easy to navigate website too. When I'm treated well by a company, I become a loyal customer. I will be using your website with confidence in the future. "

Susan - Aug 13, 2009
"I was impressed with the speedy replies from Customer Service - I emailed in a question about shipping, got a reply back less than an hour later. Sent a reply back and received a further reply within 10 minutes - very good Customer Service."

Jacquie - Aug 13, 2009
" My experience with Pet Super Store met my expectations. I was easily able to find the product that I was looking for on your website and it was delivered in a timely manner. I am happy with the product I have received, now I only wish someone else would train my dogs for me on how the electric fence works! Thank you for supplying a sound product at a reasonable price."

Sylvia - Aug 11, 2009
"Thank you for your courtesies. I know it was above the call of duty since I had so many questions and lack of understanding. You were very understanding. Thank you for making me smile. "

Ann - Aug 11, 2009
"-I liked that the shopping cart remembered what I had placed in it. I took a few days to decide if I wanted to purchase this and it was easy to go back and find it in my cart to buy. -I like the reviews a lot. -I like that you had lots of different pictures of the same product, different angles, different rooms. -I like that you have a very wide selection of products. "

Shomita - Aug 10, 2009
"I live in Germany. Normally, many websites are unavailable to foreign customers, yours was not. It was an easy website to navigate. Found what I was looking for very quickly, (the customer rating is a nice idea)..all it took was 5 minutes to place my order and quickly received a confirmation email. Loved the fact that I did not have to pay for shipping. I have bookmarked your site and will use it again, also will recommend it to my many dog friends. "

Joline - Jun 27, 2009
" My experience with Pet Super Store was very positive. I was immediately informed when the product I had ordered was not in stock and the expected stock dates. I was also treated with equal promptness and assistance when I canceled the back order and opted for a different product. Customer service was exceptional by email and phone alike. My new order arrived within two days after placing it. Service all the way around was outstanding. I would rate Pet Super Store as an A++ seller and the ladies who took care of my orders and made the appropriate amendments as blue ribbon custom care specialists. I am very satisfied with how my orders were handled. "

Marilu - Jun 17, 2009
"So far, I have been very pleased with the customer service on my order. In fact, I was very surprised to see that my order is actually going to arrive just two days after I placed it online. Great service!"

Patricia - Jun 11, 2009
"When I ordered the dog car seat I had checked some other web sites and you had the best price. It was easy to place the order and I received a prompt e-mail detailing my purchase and the shipping, etc. Your site is easy to navigate and I am pleased. I haven't gotten the seat yet, but I know it will be fine and if not, your instructions were concise for returns. "

Vicki - Jun 11, 2009
"I found the site easy to navigate and your list of products was as the most comprehensive we could find. The ordering process was also comparable to any I have used and your prices are very competitive, so I would say your web site is as good as any I have seen and your web designers should be commended. We were pleased when we searched the web and found a company that carried a wide variety of products at a reasonable cost. "

Robert and Cindy Turner - Jun 11, 2009
"The order went well from start to finish! Ordered just a few days ago and received our pet booster seat today - right on time. I was quite impressed with the quality and sturdiness. Our chihuahua, Ginger, LOVES her comfy new seat. Thanks for the prompt, excellent service!"

Suellen - Jun 8, 2009
"The site was great and easy to get around. I like how the reviews are listed as well because that helped me make my choice on a product. Also I shopped around and you had the best overall prices. "

Jim - Jun 5, 2009
"I was really impressed with customer service. My questions were answered completely. You shipped very promptly and sent a tracking number. Thank you very much. I will do business with you again. "

Bernie - Jun 3, 2009
"Your site was well presented and provided all of the necessary information I needed to make a qualified purchase."

Pete - May 31, 2009
"My order arrived in good condition. I'm very happy about getting the 8" foam pet bed, as it is less of a reach to the floor for me and not so hard on my pets joints. "

Sue - May 27, 2009
"I loved the fact that I asked a question and got my response by the next day, with exactly what I was looking for. Because of this timely response and informative one, we purchased from your establishment! I think that your site and employees are doing exactly what they should and in a timely matter! Thank you for an excellent experience!"

Dawn - May 27, 2009
"The web page was easy to maneuver, ordering was standard and secure, and the prices were cheaper than any other site I visited for those two products. "

Leanne - May 24, 2009
"The response from your sales rep to an email I sent was very quick. They recommended a specific collar for my dog and upon sending a thank you email I purchased the collar recommended. "

Jeffery - May 19, 2009
"I searched high and low for the bed I bought and I appreciate the free shipping. I work for an online retailer so i know how important free shipping is to the average customer in today's economy. "

Stephanie - May 18, 2009
"Before I ordered this product I called in to talk to someone about what the best thing was for me. I dont remember his name but the guy that I talked to really helped me out a lot!!! He sounded like he really knew exactly what he was talking about and that is what I needed. Everyone that I had talked to before about the underground fences told me the basics and that was all they knew. He was so helpful! Now if only I could get someone to put it in for me...LOL Yeah right! Really great customer service and I will buy again in the future! Thanks for all of your help!"

Heather - May 7, 2009
"Dear Friends at Pet Super Store, Recently, I placed an order with you for a pet gate for our home. I researched the gate on your website and found your information to be in-depth and complete. The description and details about the gate made my decision an easy one. The most enjoyable part of ordering the gate was speaking to Melissa, the company representative with whom I placed the order. Melissa was patient, kind, and helpful in every way in confirming that we had the correct product and processing the actual order. Our interchange was really cordial - like a conversation between friends. Everything was thoroughly explained and professionally presented. I would highly recommend Pet Super Store to others and appreciate the kindness afforded me at the time of my order. Best wishes for success in the future and thanks, again, for your hospitality - John Maza"

John - May 5, 2009
"Holy cow! I love my pet stroller. It is exactly as the add stated and more. It is very light weight and so easy to push. My toy poodle thought he was so smart riding in it. Your service was very prompt. Thanks so much."

Virginia - May 4, 2009
"I recently placed an order for an electronic shock fence and received it in a couple of days without having to pay extra for shipping it quicker. That was awesome!!! I like the effective shipping. Keep it up and you will satisfy more customers. "

Jill - May 1, 2009
"To Whom It May Concern, I received the Crate and Crate Pad yesterday. I am completely satisfied with both items. Your courteous and prompt service is definitely recommended to others. Thank you. "

Sharon - May 4, 2009
"Extremely pleased the product got processed and was shipped the same day. I was also pleased that the UPS shipping was free. Your customer service person was very helpful and he fully disclosed the return policy which is important in case the gate does not fit the area intended. When I e-mailed him with an after thought about leaving the gate at the front door if no one was home – I received a return e-mail in minutes. I am very pleased with the customer support from Pet Super Store."

Dorrie - Apr 23, 2009
"Your website was easy to search for items and even place orders. It’s a nice looking website, too. All positive…nothing negative."

Anne - Apr 15, 2009
"1) Best prices compared to all other pet websites! 2) Well organized, easy to navigate website. 3) Well written descriptions, specifications, etc. 4) Easy to use, quick check out. 5) I have not gotten my order yet, but I don't foresee any problems, especially since you have a great return policy. 6) ** I would like to see more reviews on products (I checked other websites for those). How could you encourage your customers to do this, so as to benefit future customers? X number of reviews = coupon? "

Nicole & John - Apr 14, 2009
"Hi, Thank you for a very good website. It is so easy to find you at Google and buying and paying from your site! You also confirm quickly even when it was an Eastern Holiday. Best regards, Ralf Larson Sweden"

Ralf - Apr 14, 2009
"The site was very user friendly and I could move around very well and found what I was looking for at a reasonable price I would and will recommend it to friends and relatives"

Nicholas - Apr 11, 2009
"My customer service was excellent. All of my question were answered quickly. I have shopped at for several years."

Sandi - Apr 11, 2009
"Good Morning, You offer excellent choices it appears & I'm sure I'll continue shopping with you in the future. Keep up the good work & add new items as often as possible! Regards, Ken"

Ken - Apr 7, 2009
"Dear pet super store 1st I would like to say how easy it was to order online.I then decided to add to my online order and called the toll free #. The customer service person was very quick to change my online order to include my 2nd item,which saved on mailing charges.I also liked the way that instructions were there for viewing even before I received my items. great customer service dept! Scott Decker"

Scott - Apr 6, 2009
"I did everything online, used the reviews in my search for the product I thought would work best for our dog. Site was easy the get around, had no troubles locating items. So far no problems still are waiting to receive product at this time. Kevin Folk"

Kevin - Mar 29, 2009
"I found the customer care service very helpful. After I placed my order, a friend informed me I should have gotten a bigger browser dog bed. Within 1/2 hour I canceled the one order and placed another. I was told the original order had going through, how long for my credit to be credited for the canceled order and was told the original order was canceled. One improvement I would like to see is an e-mail stating my order was canceled. The customer gets a confirmation of the order being processed, but there was no e-mail informing me it was canceled. Regards, Kathy Coulbourn"

Kathy - Mar 24, 2009
"Customer-Service, Your web site was easy to navigate and I found what I was looking for with no trouble. I did not spend a lot of time on the site as I went directly to what I was looking for, found it and ordered it. I didn't see anything obvious that I would make a negative comment about. I liked what I saw. Regards, Floyd Newton"

Floyd - Mar 24, 2009
"Hello, My only suggestion for a customer-friendly feature would be to include a link/button in the email that goes directly to the order tracking page. Otherwise, things seem AOK. Thanks, Jason Mancine"

Jason - Mar 21, 2009
"Dear Pet Super Store, I like your website. It displayed each of the patterns for the Bowser donut dog beds in an instantaneous and accessible manner. Believe me, I checked all of the Bowser bed sites! Your prices were competitive, too."

Laura - Mar 20, 2009
"I thought you had great customer service. I asked for a price match and was quickly sent and email agreeing to it. Thanks so much."

Candice - Mar 19, 2009
"Dear Sean, I would just like to thank you for the excellent customer service that you and your company has provided – the service you have provided is MORE than excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending you to my friends and family; I would definitely use your company again even with the inconvenience of having to import into the UK. My experience with your company has unfortunately involved a faulty product; you had no hesitation in replacing it and shipping it to the UK at no cost to myself and when I had problems with the UK customs you even helped me to resolve the issue. Many, many thanks, I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Kind regards, Mrs Jennifer Wilson – Worcestershire, England."

Jennifer - Mar 16, 2009
"Hi, Your site and customer service were fantastic and were are waiting with anticipation for the UPS truck. Thanks for your professional service and your prompt answers to our question."

Gary - Mar 15, 2009
"Hi!!!! i purchased a peg gate, highlander 4 panel 27" item 42121. I did indeed receive excellent customer service. I am also very pleased with the gate - the quality of the wood, nice and heavy/substantial, and of course i very much appreciated the free shipping. Very pleased with item, customer service, website - will def recommend you to friends - i know when friends come to the house there will be many comments about the beautiful gate. Thank you again for everything, particularly the free shipping!!!!!!"

Patricia - Mar 9, 2009
"I received excellent customer service via telephone and your representative was most helpful, even calling me back after checking on how a dog ramp was made to see if it would suit my particular needs prior to ordering. He made sure my order shipped the same day as I needed it ASAP. I would recommend your site to others and use it again myself!"

Sibyl - Mar 6, 2009
"I was 100 percent satisfied with the service provided. I would purchase products from your company again. Tom Lee "

Tom - Mar 6, 2009
"Up to this point, I’m very satisfied w/ my online experience @ Pet Super Store. As long as the right products are shipped and they arrive in good condition—I don’t see any negatives at all. The website is easy to navigate and check out was a breeze. Keep up the good work! "

Laura - Mar 2, 2009
"Service and price are excellent and the technical support (explaining how invisible fencing works) was great. We'll be shopping here instead of at local PetSmart in future."

Charlie - Feb 28, 2009
"i could not be more impressed! i easily ordered an item online which was at my home in 24 hours! wow! i ordered a pet gate which is a perfect configuration for a problem spot. the wood finish is not great on some of it but that isn't your fault. i will use your site again. thank you "

Natalie - Feb 27, 2009
"I received the raised pet dish I ordered today - much faster than I expected, and it was packaged very well. The product is exactly as pictured on your site and it was very easy to order. I'd say you're doing it right and I'll definitely recommend! Thanks! Tracey "

Tracey - Feb 26, 2009
"Hello, The web site was easy and fast. Thank you for the superb customer service. Brett B."

Brett - Feb 26, 2009
"Attn Customer Service: I recently placed an order for Sport Dog in ground fencing along w/5 collars in addition to the 1 that comes w/the system. While the web site mentioned that this system would work with any PetSafe or Invisible fence collars, it happens that this was not the case. I ending up calling customer service b/c after tracking my package for a few days via the UPS website (thanks ot you for providing the tracking #!), I noticed that the order had not yet been shipped. Instead of letting me find out on my own that the collars weren't compatible, my order was held until we were able to discuss the situation. Although I never recieved a message from you regarding that matter (the agent I dealt with mentioned there was an attempt to contact me), I was still happy that I wasn't sent a bunch of useless pieces. I was even happier still to have the upgrade to the more expensive Sport Dog collar that would work w/the system (at no extra cost to me) due to the incorrect info provided on your site. This was granted to me w/out any arguing or discussion on my part & it is a testament to your customer service agents & department that this was all handled so smothly & quickly. You will definitely have my business again. Thank you for all your help! Regards, Lillian Arena "

Lillian - Feb 24, 2009
"Hi, I have spoken to your customers services section a number of times. I seem to get "David" on the phone often, an would like to comment on his manners: Friendly and offering personnalised service, he seems to know the products he sells and is always pleasant to talk to. He is a example to follow for phone based services... Well done, excellent work! Thanks for the opportunity to give feed back, I hope this gets back to him. Scott Friedrich"

Scott - Feb 24, 2009
"My trip through your website was an excellent experience – very easy to navigate and I’m not very computer literate! Can’t believe how fast the gate got here, very pleased with your customer service. The gate itself is fantastic, not only is it nice looking and well constructed but it is so easy to use, it solved the problem of containing the dogs and does it in a very classy way J"

Sandra - Feb 23, 2009
" In response to your request, I received the dog door today. My initial thoughts are that it looks just like I expected it to; delivery was right on time and I am quite satisfied. Hopefully, I can get it installed as satisfactorily!"

Sharon - Feb 13, 2009
"Hello, I am happy to reply to this email and to tell you that I am more than pleased with the service I received. I found your website through a Google search for “orthopedic dog beds,’’ and while I checked out several other, less-expensive products offered by other companies, I kept returning to the Pet Super Store site because the bed, though far more expensive than I’d planned, was of such superior quality that I decided it was worth it. My dog is very dear to me, and I want to make this part of his life as comfortable as possible. I wasn’t sure about bed size, though, so I called and spoke to a very helpful and polite man (I think his name is Chris). He helped me choose the right bed size and said it would take a couple of weeks for it to arrive, because each one is made to order. I appreciated that because sometimes you just don’t know when to expect delivery of items ordered online. I also wanted to order a set of foam steps for my dog to use to get up on the bed. He’s 11 and has been having trouble jumping up and down. Chris advised me on how to get my dog to use the steps (dog treats) and said the steps would arrive next week, but to my astonishment they were delivered today. I took Chris’s advice regarding the treats, and my dog has already used the steps a couple of times. Now I can’t wait for the bed to arrive! Thank you for this excellent service. Anita"

Anita - Feb 12, 2009
"Last Sunday (2/8) was our first time at the store and we were very pleased with the knowledge and service we received from Lisa. I had read online that your staff was knowledgeable but the prices were high. I can’t comment on the prices bc I have none to compare with, however I have been to Petco and other big pet stores before for different needs and the Pet Super Store is worlds ahead. Lisa helped us right away and gave us a thorough understanding of what we needed to get ready for our new puppy. She suggested purchasing the basics needs now and then come back to keep filling in from there. We did not feel oversold or pushed into anything. Customer Service at it’s best! We are excited to learn more about your puppy training classes and look forward to visiting you in the future! Katie Bramley"

Katie - Feb 10, 2009
"I found the web site was very easy to use and easy to find the things i was looking for. Some of the things you had in your store we do not have here in Australia. I would be happy to use you store in the future. "

Stephen - Feb 4, 2009
"It was fine. The website was easy to navigate around and completed transaction without any issues. Got a verification email on the transaction and signed up for mailing updates. Thanks!"

Stephanie - Jan 26, 2009
"Hello Pet Super Store, Jerome Goldman from Rye , Melbourne . Australia. I had a Border Collie with a serious barking problem. Tried citronella spry collar but he found that jumping sideways worked in his favor. Then we employed a dog trainer. Very expensive ! We then had a dog well trained, smelled of lemon and still barked like he was possessed . After checking many different web sites and many collars , your web site was the easiest for an old person to navigate , and the products had the safety features I thought would control the barking and not just zap the poor thing unjustly . The Bark Control Deluxe even has a picture of our dog on the box , what an omen. Any way after monitoring his barking for an afternoon and making adjustments to the controls and the fit of the collar we now have a happy dog ( because we don't yell at him for barking) a happy couple of neighbours and a very happy Family. So thankyou very much, we now tell other people who ask how we sorted out our problem to check out the products on your web site. And delivery was prompt. Thanks , Jerome . "

Jerome - Jan 26, 2009
"My Customer Service Experience with Pet Super Store was EXCELLENT! I called prior to placing my order because I had questions about some items on the website. My questions were all answered ABOVE and BEYOND my expectations and the guy on the phone was very nice and helpful! I made my purchases on the phone and I will definitely be using this website for further purchases for my pets!"

Lauren - Nov 21, 2017
"I felt that your site was very easy to use. The feature that allows the customer to sort by price is very helpful. Also I greatly appreciate the rating feature. When I get to look at what other customer thought about the product it helps my decision between a few similar products. Thanks again ~Amanda-Rae "

Amanda - Jan 23, 2009
"Your web site was great! I looked and compared dog beds and was able to choose the perfect one for my weimarainer. It was shipped and arrived quickly and she is currently enjoying her soft nest bed. Thanks for everything. Cinda Scheef "

Cinda - Jan 23, 2009
"I think you are great! I ordered something on MOnday and it was delivered on TUesday. I was very impressed with your promptness...keep it up!"

Zana - Jan 21, 2009
"Hi Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback. We found your site very easy to get around. We actually left the order in our shopping basket overnight and we got a great little reminder the next day to say "please come back". That was great as we were actually looking at another site/company and with the added incentive of 5% discount, your company won out. My partner and I both agreed that it is an excellent customer service tool and shows what a superior system you operate. We were also impressed with the speed in which the order was processed and despatched. Thanks very much for your help. We look forward to receiving the tracking collar and hope to visit your site again soon. Many Thanks Luke"

Luke - Jan 10, 2009
"I placed an order with your company on 1/7/09, and I realized on 1/8/09 that I ordered the wrong size on the dog bed I wanted to purchase. I called your customer service line on 1/8/09, and by 1/9/09 I received both a phone call and a voicemail regarding the issue. Because the item had not shipped yet, the company was able to amend my original order. I really appreciated how quickly the company got back to me, as well as its willingness to work with customers on their orders. I would definitely make a purchase from this site again. I was really impressed with the customer service (which I believe was handled by Katie and David). -Brooke "

Brooke - Jan 9, 2009
"Hi, I received excellent customer service help! There was an issue with the website which I described in my phone call. The person I talked to on the phone instantly corrected the problem and then also took my order, maximizing my convenience. And he was very friendly. Peace, Christina"

Christina - Jan 8, 2009
"The customer service that I recieved was superb.! He was extremly helpfull & knowlegeable on the SportDog products. I am more than pleased.!! Thanks, Arnold (AJ'S SALES & SERVICE)"

Arnold - Jan 7, 2009
"well this was the frist time i used your website so i don't know if thier is any thing you need to change right now . I it was very easy to use and that is what i liked about your website . thank you DEBRA BELLOTT "

Debra - Jan 5, 2009
"Your site is easy to navigate.  It is my first purchase from you and I did not go through any customer service rep.  I will be happy to let you know if I am satisfied with the speed of delivery and product satisfaction once I receive the merchandise."

Sue - Jan 1, 2009
"Hello, Your website was easy to use and we enjoyed shopping for a dog bed. However, it wasn't immediately evident that the dog bed prices varied so much with the size. For example, the bed we selected was listed at approximately $95 (or thereabouts). But, when we got to check out, it was about twice as much as that. The main page doesn't allude to such price disparity, if any, between the sizes. We proceeded with the order anyway, having spent so much time selecting the bed. We placed our order on 12/17 and my account was debited a few days after. However, we have yet to receive an email that the bed has been shipped. Can you give me an idea of how long it will be before it is shipped? Thank you so much. We are excited about the new bed! Sheree Hipwell"

Sheree - Dec 29, 2008
"Pet Super Store, The information for the products that I looked at was very helpfull to me. Some of the other websites I looked at didn't give very much information on the products. I cannot think of anything that may improve your site or your customer service. Sorry. Blake "

Blake - Dec 29, 2008
"I found your web site easy to navigate. My dog loved your products. The price was right. The delivery was timely. I will order from you again. James "

James - Dec 23, 2008
"I had a great experience! I ordered my gate on line, but had to call to change the state I live in. The phone was answered on a Sunday, and I received a confirmation e-mail within minutes! Perfect. Nanci LeVake "

Nanci - Dec 22, 2008
"Don't have any complaints. I found your website on Google search and found what I was looking for. Came within a reasonable time (Dog Training Collar). Haven't had time to try it out yet so hopefully I won't have any customer service issues. So far so good, a good company to do business with. Larry Langley"

Larry - Dec 22, 2008
"I had great customer service with my phone order. I can't remember his name(must be on my order) but he was helpful in helping me decide on the item to order. He certainly made me want to do business with your site"

Theresa - Dec 16, 2008
"Hello...Your customer service was excellent. My questions were answered to my satisfaction. Your prices were very competitive with stores in our area. Thus we ordered on-line. We very carefully did our research on this product and your site had all the products and prices. Plus shipping being free was a bonus. Thanks for a great site and hope the product will be the same. thanking you in advance...Ron and Nancy Norick"

Ron and Nancy - Dec 13, 2008
"Hello i thought that your website was excellent and everything was easy to find. I had great contact with you the whole way through inquiring about every little detail and it you were always so fast at responding thanks a lot! Staci "

Staci - Dec 10, 2008
"Your site was very easy to use and I especially was glad that you have all measurements for pet doors on your site. I'm trying to replace a Pet Safe Easy Fit door and have had a hard time finding another door with a frame to fit and cover the existing rough cut opening. I'm looking forward to a door with flaps that seal better than my current one. Thank you, Dale Buckman"

Dale - Dec 6, 2008
"I thought the gal I spoke with on the phone did a great job and made my shopping much easier. I was ordering 2 of the same product but sending to different addresses. I placed my order one day and received the item the next day! Can't do better than that. Thank you so much! Linda McHugh "

Linda - Dec 5, 2008
"To; Pet Super Store I found your website on goggle and compared it with your competitors before calling to make an order. I found the Pet Super Store website easy to navigate through and the Dog Crate I was looking for seemed to fit with your selection. Your representative was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I ordered the crate and 2 pads. The representative knew his products and did not rush the order process. I will return to your site in the future. I'm looking forward to the arrival of the order. Thank you. Charlie Rottmund"

Charlie - Dec 5, 2008
"I placed my first order ever on your website last week. I had Googled for pet stairs, and your products were the best looking by far of the ones that I found during my search. I also saw that you have a pet Super Club, which would give me a 5% off on my purchase, which was great. So, I placed my order for your 7-step pet stairs - you were the only site that would custom-make the stairs to different heights, and I needed one 33 inches high, so thank you for that! However, I forgot to use the code on my order for the Super Club 5% off! When I realized what I had done, I e-mailed your customer serivice to ask if you could include the 5% discount. I received an e-mail reply right away from Sean saying that he had credited my order with the discount - EXCELLENT Customer Service!!! So, my first impression of Pet-Super-Store has been fantastic!! I will certainly look at your website when I need pet supplies! Thank you. David Ryan "

David - Dec 1, 2008
"Hi, Guys: Well, I haven't gotten the dog bed I ordered yet, so can't comment on quality although the photo was great and it was easy to determine based on your web site graphics, etc., that it was what I wanted. Also, you did a great job of making it plain that ordering that item had to be done before 12/1 in order to receive by Xmas, since the orders are individually done. The site was easy to navigate, it was easy to find answers to my questions, so I have nothing but praise so far. And somehow, with all that said, I can't imagine that you'd produce an inferior product, so I have no doubt that I'll be thrilled with the bed as well. Thanks for doing such a great job. Marilyn D'Andrea "

Marilyn - Dec 1, 2008
"I am happy to report that I received the item I ordered already (a telescoping ramp)--and it is in use. Thank you so much for your help procuring this item for my darling pets. Loretta Luizzi"

Loretta - Nov 30, 2008
"All service was great. I really liked how there were feed back comments right on the page for the item you were looking at. The item details were also very clear and informative. The 30 day money back guarentee is also a good idea. "

Elizabeth - Nov 22, 2008
"I ordered my product off of your website. It was very easy and I can’t imagine what you could do to make it any easier. Scott "

Scott - Nov 19, 2008
"Good Morning: I looked at several different sites before I choose yours. I found it very user friendly and easy to use, unlike some others I've had the misfortune to have to use. I really don't have any things to tell you to improve. I'm very happy with your response and prompt delivery. I checked and it's due to arrive today. Wonderful!!!! Thanks so much! Joyce"

Joyce - Nov 19, 2008
"so far so good. i don't like when i order something online and get no confirmation, or no information about when it was shipped. i did not have that problem with your site. i have received emails throughout the process. my product is currently being shipped. hopefully i will love it when it gets here. thank you, sharon ellison "

Sharon - Nov 19, 2008
"Replying to your question is easy … that is, I quickly found exactly what I was looking for, then easily enough ordered it, and suspect it will arrive at my house any day. What you did right is made the selection options and ordering process easy. I can’t think of any particular thing to improve, or that there is anything glaringly wrong."

Gary - Nov 18, 2008
"I received excellent service - I have no recommendations."

Beth - Nov 7, 2008
"The product I purchased was a large, elevated dog feeder. It looks fabulous, was packaged well, and came fully assembled. I would definitely recommend this site to other customers."

Lisa - Nov 6, 2008
"Love your store!! You have a great variety of products...everything all in one place.   I called in my order over the phone. I didn't have the item numbers...just the name of the items and your customer service was very helpful.   I will definitely order from you again!  Thanks, Melanie Simpson"

Melanie - Nov 6, 2008
"I found ordering through the web site as easy as can be. I knew the dimensions of the pad needed for my dogs' crate and easily found the right quality product. Thanks, Mark"

Mark - Nov 1, 2008
"you service was very easy to use and i loved it. just used the internet and didn't have to call anyone. Thank you, Mrs Alma Wade"

Alma - Oct 30, 2008
"I recieved excellent service from Pet Super Store. Our order arrived in just a few days. Thank you for your excellence. Carol Farrell"

Carol - Oct 29, 2008
"This is my first order from far i like the product selection and prices, the ordering process was fast and easy...i hope the product arrives as described...when it does, i will be sure to give more feedback. Thanks, Shannon Panzarella"

Shannon - Oct 25, 2008
"I had a great experience. I have no suggestions for improvement; just keep doing what you have been doing. William Zundel Jr."

William - Oct 24, 2008
"We are exceedingly happy with our experience with your company. Your prices were the lowest, your shipping free and fast. Thank you for a great experience. We will be back! The Sheerins "

Jessica - Oct 21, 2008
"Hi! I loved the ease of ordering my dog's car seat. My favorite part of this order was how quickly my package was shipped out (this is not the case with many other sites). Thanks so much. -Esther "

Esther - Oct 20, 2008
"Your site is wonderful and I love to be able to shop on line."

Caroline - Oct 17, 2008
"I was very impressed with the service I received at Pet Super Store! I ordered a booster seat for my new puppy and was happily surprised to receive it the very next day! I ordered Tuesday morning with the off-chance hope that I'd receive my order by the weekend, but was delighted when I received a confirmation and UPS tracking number from the website indicating that my item had been shipped from a facility in Fort Worth which made it possible to receive my order here in Dallas on Wednesday afternoon. My puppy will be riding high this weekend in his new Solvit booster seat! And, I will look forward to doing future business with Pet Super Store! Thank you for your prompt and courteous service! Jesse"

Jesse - Oct 16, 2008
"Hello I had a great first experience ordering from your website. You have a great selection of dog products especially dog beds. My order was processed quickly and without any issues. I will definitely place future orders on your site. Denise DeBellis "

Denise - Oct 10, 2008
"I was very pleased with the service I received, and so impressed that I had my new dog door within a couple of days after I ordered it! I will definitely shop from you again. Connie Lewis "

Connie - Oct 10, 2008
"Hello, I ended up calling in to cancel my order because we didn’t get the 2nd dog, and the person who answered the phone not only cancelled the order for me, but offered sympathy on us not getting the dog. That is what I call Superior Customer Service. When we do decide to increase our pet family, I will definitely be coming to your site. Thank you so much! Candace "

Candace - Oct 7, 2008
"One of the things I liked about your website was the selection. I found exactly what I needed. The price was great compared to the local stores, and free shipping! Sincerely, Randy Pierce"

Randy - Oct 3, 2008
"I have two dogs. A Golden retriever I have owned since puppy-hood and a large German Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix which I adopted last year. I adopted the second dog so that my Golden would not be alone while I was at work. The plan worked very until recently when we found that the Shepherd no longer wanted to stay downstairs with the Golden, where they are usually kept, and decided to tear out an old baby-gate to get upstairs to the bedroom area. I immediately replaced the baby gate with a new sturdier model only to find the very next day that the Shepherd tore out the new gate. That is when I got on line and eventually called Pet Super Store. I spoke to David who surprised me. He knew your stock and made suggestions about the Iron Weave Gate that I was calling about. From experience, I never expect a phone salesperson to know the company's stock but David sure did. He felt I was on the right track and said even though the fence "may be a bit lower than I liked" that I should give it a try. He then excused himself from the phone as he actually looked at the mounting system of the Gate. It seems you use this model in your office since you actually allow dogs your office. David then explained to me about your 15 day trial period on a product and said if the gate didn't work out I could return it and try another product. Unfortunately I am jaded by years of going into large stores and finding no one (if you can find anybody) who is knowledgeable of their products. I expect even less form telephone sales people at internet stores. David broke that mold. Not only knowing the product, but going the extra distance to check out the mounting system on one that was being used in your the office really impressed me He understood that I had a problem and he was not only there to sell me an item, he was there to help me solve my problem. I look forward to the delivery of that 28 " Iron Weave gate knowing that if it doesn't work for my current problem that David will be there to help me find the right product. In my mind, no customer can ask for more. Thank you Pet Super Store and especially David. Len Barish "

Len - Sep 29, 2008
"I had the pleasure of finding your product online via Google at I received the training collar today and I am charging the unit as instructed. I was very pleased with the sales person I spoke with as he directed my search to a brand and price I could afford. The only reservation I have is after speaking with the sales person and reviewing the manual I purchased the product only to find thereafter the same product on another site for $15.00 less. However, because I was constructively instructed I felt the extra price justified. Regards, Diederic Meintsma"

Diederic - Sep 22, 2008
"I thought your site was really good. I have been looking for the right dog collar in local stores, but have had no luck. So I liked that all my options were clearly displayed and that I could click and get more details. "

Angeline - Sep 15, 2008
" I found it easy to shop and found what I was looking for cheaper then any other sight. Thanks"

Mary - Sep 13, 2008
"Hi, I called on Wednesday and my package arrived today. I have been very impressed with your service and the knowledge of my sales associate, David. Thanks for you prompt response "

Don - Sep 12, 2008
"I was very impressed with the customer service I got! The gentleman I worked w was very knowledgeable and the website is easy to navigate. I like the fact I can use the internet to shop or the phone as well. Please keep both options available! Mike Major"

Mike - Sep 5, 2008
"Hey Pet Super Store I did look around at many sites for the product I have chosen. I found the Pet Super Store site one of the easiest to follow and gave really good descriptions of products. The only improvement I would suggest is to identify prices in US dollars for your international customers. In saying that I was really pleased with your quick response to my email question regarding conversion of dollars and the link you provided me with. I can’t wait to get the barking collar I have ordered and look forward to peace and quiet with my stubborn barking dog. Cheers"

Julie - Sep 4, 2008
"I am glad you sent this email to me. Normally I wouldn't respond, but I got such GREAT customer service I wanted to let you know. Dave (or David) was a tremendous help and was VERY knowledgeable about the product. I will definitely use your web-site again! Thanks, Trudy Nielsen"

Trudy - Aug 29, 2008
"Your site and service were excellent. I compared your product prices with other online offers and yours was the best. Looking forward to receiving my products. Thanks!"

Brigid - Aug 25, 2008
"Great service and great pet gate. Thank you!"

Abby - Aug 24, 2008
"i got great treatment and support from your company. Love what you are doing. I know most people just email you hate mail. I just wanted you to know you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work."

Chad - Aug 22, 2008
"Everything arrived fine and in a very timely manner! Thanks!!!!"

Barney - Aug 18, 2008

John - Aug 18, 2008
"Site is very good. Excellent service from one of your phone reps. I had a question about product. He took my number, called the manufacturer, then called me back with answer. I have on order 2 of said midwest pet enclosures. Thanks. Lori"

Lori - Aug 16, 2008
"To Whom It May Concern; Thank you for inquiring about my customer service experience with your company. I had a great exchange with one of your representatives, I believe his name was David. I had ordered a product for my Pet Safe Underground Fence, & found out my boyfriend had also purchased one. I sent an e-mail to cancel the order, and followed it up with a verbal message. It was over the weekend so I reinforced the request Monday morning where I had a chance to speak with David, who was very professional, & courteous about the cancellation. When I can't find something I need for my Pet Safe fence locally, I will check out Pet Super-Store online. Thank you, Barbara Stone "

Barbara - Aug 13, 2008
"Hello Pet Super Store, Honestly when I went to your site I had no intention of buying, I was just shopping around for an invisible fence. When I came to your site the easy layout, and great prices sold me right away. I concluded my shopping right then and there. Thanks again for a great experience, hope to continue shopping from you in the future. Thanks, Mark"

Mark - Aug 12, 2008
"Your website was very user friendly and easy to navigate through and find what I was looking for. My delivery arrived quickly and what exactly what I wanted. (Also working great as the shock collar has ended my dog's car chasing days). Excellent customer service is exactly what I got!! Thank you. Misty Mann"

Misty - Aug 12, 2009
"I recently order steps for our little Dachshund to get into our bed at night! I wasn't sure what type to get, so I talked directly to someone who was very helpful in answering my questions, and placed the order for me within minutes. I really appreciated the help, since I was at work and couldn't take a whole lot of time in placing the "correct" order. Thank you. again, for excellent service!!! John S John Pappas, MD"

John - Aug 9, 2009
"I did receive excellent customer service. The gentleman that helped me with my order was very pleasant and helpful. I explained to him the problem I had in the past with barking problems and told him what I was thinking about ordering and he asked me several questions and suggested that I purchase the ones that you shipped. Not only did he save me $40.00, he took the time to understand what I needed. Thank you "

Leta - Aug 9, 2009
"After my product question was answered, my over-the-phone order process was seamless. I look forward to receiving a quality product. Aubrey Sealy Brownsboro AL "

Aubrey - Aug 7, 2008
"Pet Super Store was very user friendly. I had no problems at all searching for the product I wanted or checking out. Thank you. Cyndi"

Cyndi - Aug 4, 2008
"I received excellent customer service. Thank you! Lisa Bernard"

Lisa - Aug 3, 2008
"Pet Super Store, Your service was excellent and I love the two raised dog feeders that I ordered. It's hard to find sturdy single raised feeders over 12 inches in height but I found what I was looking for on your site. Thanks, Cindy Clark "

Cindy - Jul 28, 2008
"I thought that your site was very easy to use. I’m looking forward to receiving my item and will let you know Jett and Olive like their new bowls. Erin Wyatt"

Erin - Jul 28, 2008
"Your service was excellent, and your prices were great. I'll shop here again!"

Troy - Jul 24, 2008
"Hi Pet Super Store, I have found everything to be as you presented it. I have also found things in your web sight that I could not find anywhere else. For example the pet hamock that we used during a recent vacation to protect the back seat or our car. We like to allow our yellow lab to swim and this allowed him to jump back in the car wet and not damage anything. Thanks pet super store! Sharon Townsend "

Sharon - Jul 23, 2008
"Considering that the service was helping me correct my own error I thought it was outstanding."

William - Jul 21, 2008
"Hi Pet Super Store I can only provide positive feedback to the service I was provided. As a resident of Australia and a sceptic of placing my credit card details on line, the service I received via email contact and subsequent communication was great and helped me make my decision. Any questions I had were answered promptly and advice provided regarding suitable training device was perfect. The unit was received quickly and I’m now in the process of training “Jed” with the collar – cunning as he is!!!!. Thanks very much Sonia "

Sonia - Jul 21, 2008
"I had a great experience and customer service was as expected. Thank you for even taking the time to ask my opinion. Very refreshing for a company to ask the customer. Joni Henderson"

Joni - Jul 20, 2008
"I have tracked my shipment and it should be here today. I am impressed with the promptness of processing my order. The only problem I had was when I initially tried to place my order, I called during business hours and the recording kept telling me that I needed to call bak during business hours, which didin't make sense because I was within the time frame. It was a little frustrating that I could not get through and I almost went through another company to make my purchase because I felt uneasy since I couldn't get through. Nevertheless, I'm glad I went though your company. Thank you, Ruby Marlene Monleon"

Ruby - Jul 18, 2008
"WOW! I am impressed. I placed an order on Monday and received the product on Wed. I have a handi man installing today and I expect to be very HAPPY. Sue Laing"

Sue - Jul 17, 2008
"I was very pleased with the service. The rep. that helped me was very helpful and friendly. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks"

Andrea - Jul 15, 2008
"I thought everything was great. It was quick and easy and the product I purchased works beautifully (I am using a lower cost training/shock collar). I cannot believe how my dog is responding to it. I wish I had one of these a long time ago! Thank you. Cheryl Pedone "

Cheryl - Jul 15, 2008
"Everything was great! Love the feeder."

Roslyn - Jul 15, 2008
"Hello Pet Super Store, I am avid Internet shopper and have had many experiences to which I can compare your services and products. I am going to give you a 10 and here is why...... 1. I like that all costs of shipping, handling, and any taxes are included in the price of the merchandise. Many times I have not completed an order because of all those add-on charges. 2. Delivery time from the time the order was placed to when I received the covers are well within reasonable limits. 3. And now for the product.....WOW. I have a 2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition which is owned by myself and the real owner, Rolex, a black lab. My vehicle is high end and beautiful inside. The covers for the seat in front and bench seat are beautiful and compliment the interior. I installed them this morning with ease and the fit is snug and there are adequate straps to hold them in place. Additionally, I expect that keeping them clean will be easy because they come on/off quickly. 4. I found a similar item in the Foster Smith catalog at a higher price....good competitive pricing. If I win $100 email drawing, I'll certainly purchase a cover for the driver's seat just for me as Rolex never gets in my seat. Even if I don't win.....I'll most likely buy that cover anyway. This has been a nice opportunity to share my thoughts. Best regards, Paula and Rolex"

Paula - Jul 15, 2008
"Excellent service…waiting on delivery. Website very useful and easy to use."

AJ - Jul 15, 2008
"Yes indeed, I received excellent customer service help by Mr. David Marcus. Also your site is good. Regards, Alvaro Franchini"

Alvaro - Jul 14, 2008
"I was happy with your service. Glenda Skaggs RNC, BSN, MBA"

Glenda - Jul 14, 2008
"Hi! I can't think of anything that you did wrong. My order arrived quickly, it was easy to navigate on your site and find what I wanted, the price was outstanding, and the item was exactly right. Here's what I like most about your website: I like the customer reviews, and I liked being able to upload a picture of my pet using the item I bought. It inspired me to write a review just so I could post a picture. Thank you, Sara J. McCort"

Sara - Jul 14, 2008
"Hi guys i was looking around for the collar for quite a while now.I knew what i wanted but wasnt sure about safety and security giving my details and card number over the net, i searched for the sd400 collar through a number of sites and i mean a number of sites and when i came across you guys i thought well i like the spread of your web site you had good info on the product and took gamble on your card safety features and the fact you responed back to me and asked for my input on your service has made me feel i made the right choice and that your custmer service has been fantastic and look forward to shop through you guys, keep up the good work..."

George - Jul 14, 2008
"Excellent communication from your staff. It is really nice to see such great customer service! Thank you! I am planning on placing an order soon and think your site is great and needs no changes."

Connie - Jul 12, 2008
"I was extremely happy with the service. I got my 3 bowls quickly, they were beautiful and of sound quality, and we use them twice a day! They are holding up well, I might add, against the "daintiness" of two Bloodhounds and one part Great Dane. (If you have ever had either of these breeds you know that I am being sarcastic). The reason I chose you for these products is because you had the best price for what I wanted and you were willing to give me a discount for ordering 3 of them at one time. Thank you for excellent service and an excellent product! Sincerely, Paula Hebert"

Paula - Jul 12, 2008
"I'm very pleased with the pajamas I ordered from you. I look forward to shopping with you again Suzanne Matthews "

Suzanne - Jul 12, 2008
"I was very happy with the purchase of doggie doors from your store. I appreciate the friendliness of the staff and how fast the products came. thanks Julie"

Julie - Jul 12, 2008
"I am satisfied with my purchase and will be back. Best regards, Göran Klementsson"

Göran - Jul 12, 2008
"good job guys! everything is perfect Sincerely Sergiy Gumenjuk New Zealand "

Sergiy - Jul 11, 2008
"Everything was great. The item I ordered was just lovely and our dog enjoys the custom bed. Thanks so much. Your site was terrific, too. Barbara Jaffe"

Barbara - Jul 11, 2008
"I had a very good experience with the Pet Super Store, I loved all my products and so did our little baby. We got our stroller right away within a few days, and the car seat came a few days after. I called regarding my custom made stairs and they were very helpful in letting me know the status and when I was getting that. Everything is great quality and I would definately go back for more shopping. "

Trista - Jul 11, 2008
"Great website-easy to navigate. Easy ordering and timely delivery. Very fair prices and great product depth. Am glad to have found your website. My dog loves his bed : ) Andrea"

Andrea - Jul 11, 2008
"Pet Super Store, I was very pleased with my order. It was not only the lowest price for the item on the internet that I found but it also came faster than any other animal item that I ordered at other sites. Thank you I will shop with you again, Laura Baker"

Laura - Jul 11, 2008
"I think the product is very sturdy and well made - (raised feeder). The price was fair and I also like that it was lead free as my dog is eating from it. That is very important to me. It was very hard to decide what finish to get since you have to rely on the internet - I would suggest having samples of the wood and finish to send out to people - if cost was an issue - some companies charge a small fee and will return it to you when you mail back the sample. Thanks "

Janet - Jul 11, 2008
"Just wanted you to know that the pet gate that I ordered is perfect! And I'm impressed with the quality - ordered another from a different place and ended up sending it back because it wouldn't have lasted a month. The people I talked to over the phone were very polite and professional. I will definitely recomment the Pet Super Store to all of my pet-loving friends. I'm glad I discovered you! Karen Prasser"

Karen - Jul 11, 2008
"excellent customer service and great looking website! One of the reasons I chose to order through your company was the free shipping... thanks! Nathan"

Nathan - Jul 11, 2008
"Hello, RESPONSE TO SURVEY I thought service was good. The collar arrived in good order in about 3 days You did what you said you were going to do. We can't beat that. Regards, Alfred Rogers, Pleasant Hill, TN."

Alfred - Jul 11, 2008
"Pet Super Store: The only thing about the site I would like is - more explanation about each product. that said, I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase (I purchased an electronic dog trainer). Thanks. Heather Shoenberger"

Heather - Jul 11, 2008
"I love the way your site is laid out. It is easy to find things. Your customer service was great. The fact that you combined two different orders into one in order to save me shipping was a great plus. Thanks, A lice "

Alice - Jul 11, 2008
"Dear Sir or Madame, since my husband is in the Army and we are stationed in Germany it would be really nice to have the possibility to ship to an APO address. He is serving the country and so should you! :) Besides that your customer service is quite satisfying. Thank you! Regards, Fanny Weiland"

Fanny - Jul 11, 2008
"Hello, Honestly I have no complaints. I love the store and the site. Your store is 100 times better than all your competition especially Petco. Keep up the good work! :-) "

Joyce - Jul 11, 2008
"We thought your site and service was excellent! We ordered an invisible fence pet system with an extra collar and have been completely satisfied. It came very promptly after being ordered. Thank you so much!! Kirstin Mitton Leominster, MA"

Kirstin - Jul 11, 2008
"Well, I can’t say enough about the elevated dog feeder. The price was reasonable, it looks great in our house, and the process of ordering was quick and simple. I received my package in quickly and have zero complaints. I will definitely be back to shop! Keep up the great work J Thanks! Stephanie"

Stephanie - Jul 11, 2008
"I ordered a dog bed from you guys...i actually ordered the wrong size and you guys worked through it with me and in the end I got the size I needed. The Customer Service Rep that helped me out was wonderful! I would purchase more things from them for sure!"

Christine - Jul 11, 2008
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