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Electric Dog Fence Installation

Are these In-Ground fences easy to install?
You would be amazed at how easy it is!

While all the containment systems we offer work in basically the same way, each system has it's differences which is why you may have chosen that particular system for you yard. We thought we'd give you a few of the basics of how a system is installed. Remember, each system comes with an owners manual and some include a DVD. Please make sure you read the manual before installing your fence and attempting to train your dog.

All of these in-ground systems make for a great Saturday morning project and can be easily installed in just a few short hours. Just think of the hundreds of dollars you'll be saving by not paying a professional installer. How about the thousands of dollars you save by not having to build a conventional fence!.

These fences are being designed to be installed by the homeowner.
Typical installation usually takes a two person team three to five hours for the entire system to be installed.

A quick rundown of a basic installation of a in-ground system consists would go something like this:
  • Mount and plug in the transmitter indoors or in an enclosed area.
  • Create a pass-thru zone by twisting the two wires together.
  • Run the twisted wire out to your boundary edge
  • Establish your boundary area by creating a continuous loop of wire around the perimeter of your yard
  • Complete the circuit by connecting each end of the loop back to the two twisted wires.
  • Test the system.
  • Bury the wire.**
  • Use the white boundary flags as a visual reference for you and your dog.
  • You have three different options of how you build your perimeter. You can bury the wire by cutting a 3" deep trench with a flat spade, attach it to an existing fence or staple it to the ground with our 6 inch staples.

Using a Shovel

Water your yard the night before to soften it up. Push a shovel into the ground 2"-3" deep, move the handle away from you, and a tiny trench is formed. Lay the wire into the trench and remove the shovel. Once you have the wire in the trench, stepping on the raised ground closes the area without a trace or affecting the grass

Using a Lawn Edger

An easier, quicker method is to cut a small trench using a lawn edger along the line you wish to follow. Then simply push the wire into the trench you have cut. Eventually the grass root will fill in above the wire.

Attach to your Existing Fence

The wire can be attached to a fixed object such as an existing wooden fence or woven through the links of a chain link fence.

Renting a Trencher

You can rent a trencher from you local equipment rental. This is by far the fastest method and can cut your installation time down to 2 hours. Keep it simple and rent the walk-behind trencher. The sit-on-top model will just tear up your yard.

Above Ground Method

Staple to the ground using our specially developed 6 inch galvanized staples. Do you need to cross a concrete driveway or path? You can run the wire in the expansion joint and caulk it in.
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