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How To Crate Train Your Dog In A Week

How To Crate Train Your Dog In A Week
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Crate training should not be a stressful, time consuming event. This article shows you all the steps to crate training your dog, AND how you can do it in as little as a week!

Crate Train Your Dog In A Week!

dog sleeping in crate Crate training is important for several reasons:

  • Housebreaking
  • Protecting Property
  • Providing Safety
  • Travel Plans

But, how do you get your dog used to its crate? How do you teach your dog without lots of stress? How can you do it quickly? This article will outline a PROVEN CRATE TRAINING STRATEGY that works in a week!

Crate Training Steps:

1. Crate Location:

First, you must choose a place in the home where the crate will be placed permanently. Leave the crate’s door open or remove it completely, so that the dog can go in and out at will.

2. Treats and Praise:

Throw treats in the crate so that the dog has to go in and get them, and praise profusely when the dog goes in to get his treats. Repeat this for a day until the dog will go happily in and out of the crate for treats.

3. Verbal Commands:

Next, after your throw treats in the crate, tell the dog “go kennel”, “crate”, “go to your house”, or whatever term you want to use for going into the crate, and remember to praise the behavior. Do not close the door yet.

4. Feed Him In The Crate:

At this time, start feeding your dog in the crate. Place the food dish in the back of the crate and tell your dog to go into the crate. After about three days of this, when the dog is completely inside eating, slowly close the door but DO NOT latch it. Before the dog finishes its dinner, open the door. Pick up the dish after the dog leaves the crate.

5. Start Latching:

When the dog gets accustomed to eating in its crate and rushes to it when he sees the food dish (usually in a couple of days), start latching the crate door. When the dog finishes its dinner, throw a biscuit in the back of the crate without unlatching the door. As the dog eats the biscuit, unlatch the door and open the crate.

6. Leave The Room:

The next day, leave the room for a count of ten while the dog is eating its dinner with the crate door closed. Come back into the room calmly and if the dog is quietly waiting for you, praise him and reward him with a treat before you open the door. DO NOT let the dog out if it is barking or whining, simply say “argh!”, then turn around and walk away. Come back and if the dog is quiet, throw a treat in the crate, praise, and open the door to let him out.

7. Prevent Rushing:

Never allow the dog to rush out of the crate and bowl you over when you open the door. If he tries this behavior, close the door in his face and offer a treat towards the back of the crate. Repeat this until he offers to come out politely when you open the door and say “OK”. He does not come out unless he complies with your rules. Nobody likes getting knocked down by a dog rushing out of the crate!

8. Increase Crate Time:

After about three or four days, put the dog in a crate with some treats and a chew toy. Then, close the door. Leave him for a short period of time and occasionally throw some treats in the crate as you walk by if the dog is relaxed and behaving (not whining or barking). Increase the times that the dog is left in the crate, sometimes with you around, and sometimes with you going out of sight. Remember to not let the dog out of the crate when he’s whining or barking, as this will teach him that this kind of behavior will get him his freedom.

This does not mean, however, that you can leave a dog crated for very long periods of time. Dogs should never be left in a crate for more than five hours at a time. In those cases, barking and whining will probably mean that the dog needs to go outside and relieve itself. If you need to leave for more than five hours, recruit somebody to come and let the dog out to exercise and go potty.

9. Remove The Dog's Collar:

Finally, remove the dog’s collar before crating overnight, or if you leave the house. Do not use bedding that the dog might possibly shred and eat. Be mindful of the temperature when you are traveling and your dog is in an airline crate. These closed plastic crates will quickly become pretty hot. If your dog will be crated for a while, make sure he has water available.

This method of crate training a dog takes about a week, but introduces the dog to its crate with a minimum amount of stress, and teaches him to be comfortable and relaxed in his “doggy condo”. Once your dog is very comfortable with his crate, he will enjoy chewing on his toys in the crate even with the door open, and will enjoy taking his naps in the crate because he feels safe and secure in it.

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