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Infographic: Human Foods that are Toxic to Dogs

Synopsis: Dogs may be willing to eat anything, but some human foods can actually make them quite ill. Learn what foods you shouldn’t share with your canine companions.

11 Foods Fatal to Fido

Ideally your dog will never eat anything but veterinarian-approved dog food and treats, but since no pet parent is immune to puppy-dog-eyes, you may frequently find yourself tempted to toss Fido a fry or two. Most times this has no lasting effect (with the exception of a dog who starts to expect table scraps as a matter of course), but some foods are actually dangerously toxic to dogs.

The following infographic details 11 common human foods that are known to be toxic to dogs. In some cases the result is digestive issues, but many of these items can cause serious problems or even be fatal to your beloved pooch.

You may already know about a few of these foods, but at least one or two is likely to come as a surprise.

Foods fatal to Fido

Even if a food isn’t on this list, you should always take care when feeding it to your dog, and always limit the amount of table scraps you give. Too much human food in addition to their regular diets can cause dogs to gain weight, which is particularly hard on a four-legged creature’s hips. If your pet is used to getting a taste of whatever you’re eating, consider keeping some healthy dog treats on hand when you snack so you have something to share.

Most importantly, though, be aware of the food listed here, and be careful never to feed Fido any of these human foods that can be toxic to dogs.