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Big Dog Door

Big Dog Door

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Optional Drop-In Closing Panel : 
Trim Kit : 

Part#: BDD0021
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An energy efficient dog door that's easy for your pets to use and completely indestructible.
This bi-directional pet door has the ability to open both ways ensuring safe and easy access for your pets. Its aluminum welded frame houses a clear Plexiglas panel with a streamline look for a clean addition to your homes exterior. The panel is supported by a unique hinge system that automatically seals the door behind your pets. This seamless seals helps conserve your homes energy saving you money on those rising monthly bills. The doors sturdy construction is made from thick thermoplastic polymer for reliable long lasting use. Thermoplastic polymer, or Polypropylene, is the same material used to make medical equipment because of its durability and high resistance to extreme heat. Fits dogs to 200+lbs.

  • When your dog goes "out" - the inner clear Plexiglas panel and the outer welded aluminum frame move.
  • When your dog comes "in" - the welded aluminum outer frame stays stationary and only the inner clear Plexiglas panel moves.
Door Dimensions:
  • Frame size 18"W x 28"H
  • Entrance size 16.5"W x 25.5"H
  • Rough Cut 16.5"x25.5"x1.5"(flat surface)
This door is:
  • Weather tight - remains sealed during high winds/hard rain.
  • Chew proof - from teething puppies to large hounds.
  • Energy efficient - saves money and conserves energy.
  • This is a WALL unit door (must purchase trim kit to use as a door unit)

Trim Kit: Includes primed wood inserts that are designed to easily cover the raw metal edges on the door for a professional hardwood finish.

**"Lifetime Warranty" warranty this product to be free of defects for the life of your dog. -That includes chewing!

Sample Image of Drop-in Closing Panel

Pet Door Installation Instructions

Installing On a Wall:

The Heavy Duty Dog Door ® and Big Dog Door™ are installed on the outside surface of a building, wall or door, etc.

measure height
Measure height

Tunnel in frame wall
Example of tunnel 
in frame wall

Cut opening, 
if needed add a 
1-1/2" flat mounting surface.

This is how an 
installed door looks.



Step #1:

Measure the belly height of your pet from ground level to his underside to find the correct height of the door opening. Bottom edge is usually 6" to 12". Do not mount flush to ground.

For the Heavy Duty Dog Door ™ cut the opening 12-1/2" wide x 17-1/2" high. For the Big Dog Door ™ cut the opening 16-1/2" wide x 25-1/2" high.

Step #2:

If mounted on garage or house wall, frame the depth of the wall to form a tunnel through the wall. (Use 2" X 4" or 2" X 6" material.) If needed, add a least a 1/2" x 1 1/2" flat outside mounting surfacing.

Step #3:

Place door over opening and use the enclosed two 1 1/2” wood screws to hold door to opening.

Step #4:

Show dog how to use door. Your dog will learn to use your pet door almost at once, but there are a few which may be a little nervous at first.

The most important rule is to be patient.

Do not let the dog have a bad experience or it may become frightened.

Most dogs can be trained to use a pet door in a matter of hours. Your dog will respond to encouragement, repetition and play in particular.

Alternatively, use the door flap as part of a game - throw a ball through, for instance. As your dog responds to your encouraging calls, help it through the door, patting and congratulating it. Repeat the game several times, continually encouraging the animal with positive gestures and comments. Within a short time your dog will be totally familiar with its pet door and use it happily on its own.

I have seven-week old lab pups that use these doors, naturally, your dog will learn too.

Problems…see Special Dog Training Instructions at end of page

Installation Tips:
Install 1/8" felt or rubber weather stripping on surface of building or door. Do not put rubber weather stripping on Gun Dog House Door®.

NOTE:If your door does not close at the bottom, the door is installed incorrectly. Unscrew door and move 1/4" lower. If there is a gap between top strap and upper doorframe, move door 1/4" higher.

Installing on a house or garage door:

measure height

Measure height.

The Heavy Duty Dog Door® and Big Dog Door™ are installed 
on the outside of a house door.

Determine Height
To find correct height of the hole for your dog, measure the belly height of your pet. (Average installation is six to twelve inches.) 
Mark the height in pencil on one side of your door.


Drilling and cutting hole 
The Heavy Duty Dog Door® hole size is 12-1/2" x 17-1/2". For the Big Dog Door™the hole size is 16-1/2" x 25-1/2".

Drill half inch in each corner. Insert jigsaw into drill hole and cut out hole. See photo 1.

If installing on a steel door, cut hole one-half inch larger, glue one quarter inch pine or cedar trim inside opening. 
See photo 2.
(Order Door Trim Kit) 

If installed on a raised panel door, cut hole in center of door. (order trim kit) glue/caulk pine or cedar trim to cover styrofoam and install trim to inside/outside of door surface.
(Order Door Trim Kit)

Door Trim Kit  Steel door trim kit photo

If installing in a hollow 
core door
, use four strips of wood the same width as the hollow between the panels in your door. Position the wood so that they are flush with the edges of the hole. Either glue, nail or screw the strips. 
Frame the outside/inside hole with (2) inch by (1/4) inch lengths. Again, either glue, 
nail or screw to door surface as the photos illustrate. 

hollow core door 
Hollow core reinforcement 
wood strips



draw template
Draw template/drill 1/2" holes.
Opening 12-1/2" x 17-1/2" on
the Heavy Duty Dog Door®, 
16-1/2" x 25-1/2" on the 
Big Dog Door™.

closing panel 
Cut raised panel door surface 
same as Photo 1
Photo 2

closing panel 
Use silicone caulking around trim kit for add insulation. To quiet door 
closing staple 5/8" window felt to 
sides and bottom.
Photo 5

closing panel 
Installed door trim kit.
Photo 6

jigsaw cutting hole 
Jigsaw cutting to each 
(1/2") drilled corners
Photo 1

installed pet door 
Steel door: Note hole is cut 
1/2" larger to allow for 1/4" thick wood inserts. Opening 13" x 18" 
on the Heavy Duty Dog Door®, 
17" x 26" on the Big Dog Door™. 
Photo 3

installed pet door 
Frame the inside and outside of the hole on the door – use 1/4” cedar or pine 2” wide.
Photo 4

dog door in passage door 
Heavy Duty Dog Door® installed
on a metal door.


Drop-in Closing Panel Installation Instructions:

closing panel 
Install channel on inside of building
Photo 1


Closing panel is installed on the inside of building or door.
  1. Construct a 2" wide frame on inside mounting surface.
  2. Place channel angle one inch from dog door cut opening.
  3. Install one-inch tabs at the base of each channel.
  4. Slide heavy-duty closure into channel. Remove as needed.

closing panel 
An installed closure on metal door
Photo 2


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