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Perimeter Ultra Comfort Contact Containment System

Perimeter Ultra Comfort Contact Containment System

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System : 

Part#: PTPCC-200
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The best fence is no fence!
Perimeter Technologies is a recognized leader is Electronic Dog Fences. They have been keeping dogs safe for nearly 40 years. They've had a lot of time to get it just right.

The Ultra Comfort Contact Containment System is the most technologically advanced yet. All of the perimeter fence kits are suitable to contain dogs from 10 to 200 pounds and have a range of up to five acres. That's a big yard! Each kit features multiple correction settings and flexible programming, giving you the ultimate control over your dog's boundaries and the intensity of correction.

All of the Perimeter in-ground fencing systems feature exclusive "Temp Check" technology, which keeps the electronic field stable and stationary, regardless of changes in outside temperature. Each system also features "Wire Check" technology, which automatically compensates for any wiring inconsistencies and adjusts the intensity of signal power so that the boundary remains unbroken. Lastly, the ultra-smart "Battery Check" monitors the training collar's battery power every two hours. The battery will never go out unexpectedly.

Perimeter collar receivers offer the only replaceable-battery receivers on the market that are 100% water-proof. Perimeter receivers will function without interruption or instability even when completely submerged in water. The rainstorm that can interrupt these collars' function doesn't even exist! Replaceable batteries mean you never have to worry about charging the unit - fresh energy is instantly available. Lithium Ion technology offers three times the gravimetric density of nickel metal hydride technology. What? That means lighter batteries with a longer life. The collars are strong nylon and the receivers are formed of lightweight, super-durable polycarbonate, the same material used to make jet aircraft and space shuttle parts.

Perimeter systems feature three internal antennae to provide the most stable signal detection available. Progressive correction gives your dog plenty of warning before an actual stimulus is applied. Dependent upon the nearness and speed of a moving dog, the collar can adjust correction intensity in less than one second to assure your dog's comfort and safety. An automatic safety shut off will turn the collar off after 20 seconds of correction. This assures the safety of your dog under all circumstances. He cannot be unnecessarily corrected and he cannot be harmed. The system will automatically reset once the collar is removed from the correction zone. Digital frequency encoding means the fence only responds to the collars that have been programmed specifically to it, eliminating the possibility of interference or false triggers from other dog fence systems or other signal-generating devices.

Contact points are made of conductive metal infused rubber, to offer consistency of correction without rubbing sore spots on your dog's skin. Plain metal contact points cannot offer the same comfort. The contact points are available in different sizes, too, so you can choose the right size for your pet's thickness of coat.

The wire used in an in-ground fence system is very important. 18-gauge wire is stronger and will thus last longer than 20-gauge wire. All Perimeter boundary wire is burial approved, long-lasting waterproof polyurethane coated wire with a solid copper core. Above-ground installation is also an option. If you do not want to bury the wire, simply lay it on top of the ground and use Perimeter Wire Securing Staples to hold the wire down securely.

Perimeter software is designed to graduate seamlessly from a one-second warning beep to a very low level of correction. This encourages your dog to get out of the correction area immediately. You set the sensitivity, and Perimeter is the only pet containment system that gives you the ability to set different levels of correction for different dogs, even if they are all in the same yard at the same time.

And they still weren't done making it safe! They provided a lightning protector to assure your mountable transmitter will not be fried by an electric surge. The LP-4100 utilizes a fuse which will not allow an electrical surge to pass.

The Perimeter fence system comes in three varieties, two Ultra and one Basic. The Ultra versions are available with 18- or 20-gauge boundary wire; the Basic uses 20-gauge. The other differences are the abilities in the Ultra systems to change the functional frequency of the unit in case of conflict with a neighboring system, and the ability to tailor correction to different dogs. And fear not - in case this all sounds overwhelming, rest assured your system will include both an Instruction/Basic Training manual and DVD.

Always use your electronic training device on the minimum setting possible to achieve results.

  • High-quality nylon collar
  • One waterproof collar receiver
  • Long hair steel contact probes
  • Rubber comfort contact tips
  • 50 boundary flags
  • 500 feet boundary wire
  • Two waterproof splice covers
  • Two wire connectors
  • Instructional manual and DVD

  • Features:
    • Patented Temp Check
    • Up to five acres of coverage
    • Patented Wire Check
    • Patented Battery Check
  • Polycarbonate collars and receivers
  • Waterproof collar receivers
  • Replaceable Lithium Ion battery technology
  • Digital frequency encoding
  • Humane contact points
  • Omni-directional Signal Detection
  • Progressive correction with run-through prevention
  • Auto safety shut-off
  • Seamless progression from warning beep to correction
  • Custom correction programming (in the Ultra kits)
  • Lightning protection

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