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Electric Dog Fences

Wireless, underground fences lead the pack in pet containment systems

Even the smallest dogs love to run and play outdoors, but giving your furry family members room to stretch their legs can be dangerous without a safe, contained space. A standard fence may be your first inclination, but those have so many disadvantages. They are costly, and they change the landscape of your lawn.

Additionally, some neighborhoods have restrictions regarding fences that make the most expensive varieties your only options, and it’s not exactly easy to install traditional fencing yourself. An underground dog fence, on the other hand, keeps your view unobstructed and guarantees that you’ll stay on the right side of your neighborhood association.

Underground dog fences are also far less restrictive than traditional fencing. You can surrounded your entire front and back yard, or only allow your dogs access to a specific area, but you don’t have to worry about creating odd-looking spaces. This means you can give your four-legged friends the maximum space available to run, play fetch or roll in the grass, but your electric dog fence still allows you to protect gardens and other sensitive areas from canine interference.

An electric dog fence also keeps your pets safer. Small dogs can squeeze through some fences, and big dogs can jump over all but the tallest, but an electronic dog fence solves those issues, making it a pet containment system that works for every family, even if yours includes both a little lap dog and a big, boisterous hound.

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Electric Dog Fence Resources

Curious how to install an underground dog fence, or wondering how you'll train your dog to live within one? Check out the rest of our electric dog fence resources:

We carry the top electric dog fence brands

PetSafe Radio Fence
Let your dog explore safely and securely with a durable, rugged and long-lasting in ground fence by PetSafe.

UltraSmart Electric Dog Fences
Protect your dog while giving them the freedom to roam with the reliable and trustworthy Ultra-Smart dog fence by Innotek.


Innotek Under Ground Dog Fence
Manage where your dog goes outside without digging up the yard with the safe, reliable and trustworthy electric dog fence by Innotek.

Dogtra Electric Dog Fence
Give your pup the freedom they deserve in a controlled setting with the advanced technological Dogtra electric dog fence system.


SportDOG In-Ground Fence
Enhance the safety of your pups while still allowing them to roam outside with a high-tech in-ground fence by SportDOG.

Extra Dog Fence Collars
Continue the freedom to roam for your dog with extra dog fence collars that create a quick, simple and cost-efficient fix to any broken or lost units.


Don’t know how to install an electronic dog fence?

Don’t worry. Installation is incredibly simple, with brands like Innotek and SportDog offering complete kits with directions that guide you through how to install an electric dog fence with the tools you have around your home. You’ll have a DIY dog fence installed and be ready to start training your pets faster than you could imagine, and at a cost much lower than other fencing options.

With in-ground fences, training your dogs isn’t much hassle, either. Most electric dog fence kits come with a training manual, and some also include a DvD. If you’re still concerned about training difficulties, you may want to look for an underground dog fence with variable signals. These will allow you more specific control over how you train your dogs, and some even offer beep and vibrate modes.

You’ll feel good about your dog’s safety even within a fence you can’t see. In fact, some refer to these systems as “invisible dog fences.” While appropriately descriptive, this name can only be used for electric dog fences manufactured by Invisible Technologies, Inc. Their parent company, Radio Systems Corporation, holds a federal trademark INVISIBLE FENCE®. Whatever you call this unobtrusive pet containment system, though, it’s an effective, attractive, budget-friendly option that sets up easily even if you have no idea how to install an electronic dog fence when you begin.

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At Pet Super Store, we strive to bring you a complete selection of electronic dog fences and pet containment systems. We understand that your dogs aren’t just pets. They are members of the family, and they deserve an underground dog fence that gives them room to run, but also keeps them safe and secure. That’s why we carry only the most proven, dependable pet containment systems, and why we back up each of our electric dog fences with reliable shipping, knowledgeable customer service and a satisfaction guarantee.