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Dog Collars

Dog training collars give you effective discipline and peace of mind

Being a conscientious pet owner means protecting your dog, but it can also mean protecting your home from stains or protecting your ears from endless barking. Luckily, electronic dog training, bark and shock collars can be found that meet all of these needs.

As strong as the canine-human bond is, there are still barriers to communication. You can’t explain to your dog that cars can hurt him, or that you don’t need to be informed every time a squirrel is in the yard, and even though you’d like him to understand the concept of carpet, it’s just differently colored grass to him. Scolding for an accident after the fact has no effect, which means unless you catch your dog red-pawed in the act of disobedience, chances are he will continue the behavior.

That’s why training aids like shock and bark collars are so necessary. They enable you to communicate with your dog in a way that he understands, but since dog training collars are created to teach rather than hurt, he will experience only mild discomfort – just enough to prevent such behavior in the future.

While some dog owners may shy away from training products like shock collars, the name makes them sounds more alarming than they are. Additionally, the multiple power settings available on most electric collars allow you to control exactly what level of discipline your dog receives. The effect can be less like a shock, and more like a nudge.

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Dog Training Collar Resources

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Training your dog has never been easier with the highly effective and quick Dogtra training collars that will turn your dog into a new pup in no time.

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Transform your dog into a well-mannered and polite pup with one of PetSafes innovative and durable training collars.


SportDOG Training Collars
Take your hunting to new heights by quickly and efficiently training your pup with a SportDOG remote training collar.

DT Systems Shock Collars
Take control of your beloved pup without hitting, harming or hurting them one bit with highly efficient and technologically advanced remote shock training collars by DT Systems


Innotek Remote Training Collars
Train your dog with efficient and quick responses with Innoteks broad product line of remote training collars.

Tri-Tronics Dog Training Collars
Train your dog quickly and efficiently with the high-tech, durable and long-lasting electric collar by Tri-Tronics.

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Bark Collars Keep Your Pet Quiet Even When You Aren’t Around

No one wants their dog to be a nuisance to the neighbors, but barking is what dogs do. It’s how they react to unidentified noises, how they tell you that they want to go outside, and even how they communicate happiness, playfulness or frustration. Barking can be a problem for any dog owner, but it can become an even bigger issue for apartment dwellers. Again, however, since you can’t tell your dog she’s endangering your lease by sounding the alarm every time a nearby door closes, you need an alternate solution. Electronic bark collars offer you that solution, with a myriad of options.

If the electric component of bark collars is giving you pause, don’t worry. That’s only one of the many types of collars available. You can find bark collars that spray citronella or use vibration, so the collar distracts your dog from barking rather than disciplining her for it. You can even purchase bark collars that allow you to record a message in your own voice to play in response to barks, and as every dog owner knows, sometimes your “disappointed voice” can be the most effective discipline.

With the numerous collars available – electronic and otherwise – training your not to bark is far simpler than most dog owners realize. You can tailor your training method to both your dog and your own personal preference.

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