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Dog Gates

Indoor and outdoor pet gates keep your four-legged friend contained and out of mischief

Part of the joy of owning a dog is watching them run free around the house or out in the yard – you can literally see the joy of freedom in their face as they run round and round chasing bugs or a passing cloud.

But sometimes you need to keep your dog separated, or closed off from certain rooms in your house or areas outside. Perhaps you're cleaning your kitchen floors and need them to stay clear. Or maybe you're spraying weed killer and need them to stay clear of the poisons – not only do you want to keep them away from a certain area to avoid distraction, you first and foremost want them to be safe.

Dog gates help you restrict your pet's movement. They create barriers, and separate pets from any areas of your home you don't want them to be in, any dangers, and any small children.

If you travel with your dog a lot, you can even buy an adjustable pet gate for your SUV. This not only gives your dog his own space, it keeps you and your passengers safe by limiting distraction.

Indoor dog gates come in a variety of designs…

Some are mounted through tension against the wall or cabinet, others are free-standing. Many dog gates include a locking door and come in various widths - both large and small. One gate from EvenFlo for instance doesn't even look like a pet gate – steel tubes with nylon makes it expandable yet easily portable.

Outdoor pet gates come in several pieces, but can be used to create a portable kennel of sorts. While you do have to set it up each time, an outdoor pet gate can allow you to enjoy your pet's company outside without having to stress about what they may be getting into.

If you have a real jumper or otherwise conniving escaper, many pet gate models come with an optional extension to give you an extra foot or two – sometimes this makes all the difference between keeping your pet contained or it escaping and getting into trouble.

Make sure your dog stays out of where he shouldn't be – buy a dog gate for your piece of mind, and for the safety of your pet and small child.

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Dog Gates Learning Resources

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We offer a full range of gates and pet containment options

Extra Wide Pet Gates
Keep your dog out of specific areas while containing them in much larger areas with the extra-wide pet gates.

Free Standing Pet Gates
Take control of your house with a strong, durable and convenient free standing pet gate by limiting where and when your dog can roam.

Buy A Gate For Your Dog From Us and Keep your Pets Safe

Pet Super Store is committed to keeping your pets safe and happy. We offer a wide-range of dog gates and containment options for both indoors and outdoors, large and small. Options include low price, tension-mounted gates to more decorative free-standing wood gates. If you have a tall dog or one who likes to jump over things, you can buy extensions for several different models to ensure your dog stays where you want them to. Our broad selection are backed by dedicated customer service and a complete satisfaction guarantee.