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Dog Beds

Purchasing a good dog bed is one of the most important things you can do for your pooch

A dog bed is, after all, where your dogs spend most of their time when they’re not sitting in your lap. Providing your pet with a comfortable and sturdy place to sleep is just one reason why dog beds are important.

Dogs need more than some place to sleep every night. They need a place they know belongs to them—and just them. Dogs love to immediately trot their treat or newly found toy over to their kingdom and concentrate their full attention on said prize.

Dogs deserve a place they know is “theirs,” a spot to retreat to on those rough days and a place to snuggle up to when temperatures drop or it rains. A good dog bed provides a place where your dog can feel safe, comfortable and at home.

A quality made dog bed is essential for a happy and healthy dog, so you need to replace it when it wears out. Some breeds need extra support, especially those prone to joint or hip issues.

Dogs that sleep well—in a comfy bed that helps support their bones and joints—are healthier. The better your dog sleeps, the happier both of you are.
Our dog beds come in various styles to meet your dogs’ needs. We carry soft and fluffy to rugged outdoor dog beds in every size and shape: all made with your pet in mind. Your pet deserves durable dog bed.

There are also special needs dog beds for older dogs like heated and orthopedic pet beds. These types of dog beds can drastically reduce your pet’s stress and are highly recommended by veterinarians who treat dogs with chronic pain or those recovering from surgery.

We carry only top-quality dog beds from trusted brands like Bowsers Dutchie Dog Bed, which is available in 4 sizes and an amazing 41 different color options. If you are interested in a dog bed that naturally repels fleas, the Snoozer Water-Resistant round bed does just that.

We are interested in making your next dog bed purchase the best possible experience for both you and your dog. We have great advice on how to choose a dog bed. Or feel free to contact us and let us help you pick out the perfect dog bed for your perfect pet.

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Dog Bed Resources

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We offer a full range of dog beds including orthopedic dog beds and heated beds.

We carry the top dog beds

Heated Dog Beds
Treat your dog to extreme comfort with the durable, reliable and peaceful heated dog bed collection.

Outdoor Dog Beds
Bring comfort and warmth for your dog to the outdoors with a vast number of durable and cushioned outdoor beds for your pup.


Large Dog Beds
Give your dog the bed of their dreams with a spacious, cushioned surface and a stylish design that will last for years.

Designer Dog Beds
All dogs deserve to sleep in peace and serenity and that is precisely what you will offer them with each of the designer dog beds available here. It is loaded with comfort, style and convenience so they never lose another minute of sleep.


Orthopedic Dog Beds
Treat your dog to a heavenly bed made of memory foam that will deliver remarkable comfort and enhanced cushion 24/7.

Dog Couches
Keep your dog sleeping in peace while maintaining the value of your furniture with the comfortable, cozy, warm and aesthetic dog couches.


Bowsers Dog Beds
Fill that void in your dogs life with a Bowser bed. It offers hours of comfort, exquisite design and a finely crafted build that is guaranteed to last for years.

Personalized Dog Beds
Treat your dog with their very own customizable bed that can be personalized with their name, nickname or anything else you want to include.


Rectangle Dog Beds
Treat your beloved pup to a comfortable, cushioned and peaceful rectangle bed sure to bring a smile to their face.

Round Dog Beds
Give your pup the perfect bed to snuggle, bundle and curl up to during the hot summer days and the frigid winter nights.

Buy a sturdy and comfortable bed for your dog so that he can get the proper rest he deserves.

Pet Super Store is committed to keeping your pets happy and resting well. We offer a wide-range of dog beds that are durable and easy to clean. We have dog beds available in various sizes and numerous color choices—rest easy knowing that your pet is getting the best night’s sleep possible. Our vast selection is backed by dedicated customer service and a complete satisfaction guarantee.