Getting to Know You and Your Pets in the New Year

As each year comes to a close, we tend to reflect upon all of the things that had an impact on our lives and our world. Regardless of what is going on, (3) things always seem to top our lists each year—family, friends and pets, essentially the things we love the most.

To start 2012 off right, we’d like to get to know you and your pets a little better. You know, important things like “how many dogs do you own”, “what breeds are they” and “how did you acquire your dog”.  So, to help us learn more, we created a simple 12-question survey for you to take. It’s fun, easy and only takes about 5 minutes. So, grab a cup of coffee, put your dog in your lap (if they’ll fit of course) and share your thoughts with us. You can take the survey at

We’d love to get your opinions and appreciate your input in advance. Take care and Happy New Year to you, your family and your pets! Bark on…


Contest Over

Thanks so much to everyone that participated in our contest! Winner will be contacted via email tomorrow! Stay tuned!!

Summer Shelter Giveaway

Inspired by all of the activism and awareness campaigns floating around the web recently, I’m pawsitively giddy to announce this giveaway to you guys!  Enter our contest to win a package of super soft and comfy dog beds and pads for a shelter of your choice! There are several ways to enter and numerous chances to win. We take care of shipping and for all of your hard work, we will send you and your own furkids a Double Donut dog bed and ultra Mod Elevated Dog feeder.


Of course, there are a few rules:

  • Sorry kiddos, this giveaway is for 18+
  • We can only ship to within  U.S.
  • Total of 9 entries per person
  • Contest will run from Monday May 3rd. 2010 to 12:00am May 17th.
  • Winner will be selected randomly and will be notified via email. It will probably be a really scientific process involving drawing from a baseball cap.
  • We will contact the winning shelter to see which exact products will fit their needs best, so products shown above might not be the exact products shipped.

Ways to Enter:

  • Tell us the name of your favorite shelter/rescue and share the link below. Feel free to tell us why you <3 them too! (REQUIRED entry)
  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet the contest! We are @petsuperstore , and then comment below. If you are already a follower, comment accordingly. (1 entry)
  • “Like” us on Facebook. Pet-Super-Store and comment below. (1 entry
  • Add us to your blog roll. Comment your link. (3 entries)
  • Share this contest on your site. Simply copy the code below and post this contest banner on your site/blog. Comment your link below. (3 entries)



Example Banner:


Win dog beds and other products
for your favorite dog shelter.

Click here for details


Copy & Paste this code to your site.


Win dog beds and other products
for your favorite dog shelter.Click here for details





You ARE What You Eat

Recently, I have been grappling with my food choices. Being an avid animal lover and animal rights enthusiast, it seems a bit hypocritcal for me to still eat animals. I am a bit iffy when it comes to saying hasta la vista to meat entirely…because while idealistically, I would love to…realistically, I still love some chicken. However, I digress.

I have made a lot of changes in my diet due to research and careful considerations. My biggest motivator? The documentary Food, Inc has forever changed the way I eat. Food, Inc isn’t a new movie, but has been picking up a lot of steam recently (I see all of y’alls tweets about it). In fact, tonight (4/21) Food, Inc is broadcasting on PBS at 9pm. Now, this movie isn’t so graphic and horrific that you will never want to eat again or will turn off the TV in disgust–simply put, this movie will make you think about what you are feeding your families. It attacks issues such as obesity, mass production, over processed foods, pesticides, unneccessary chemicals–the food epidemic affecting our country.

I encourage you to watch it and would love to hear your opinions on the movie. Follow us on twitter @PetSuperStore and let me know what you think!

Happy Tails!