Think Twice Before Gifting a Pet for the Holidays

newborn puppy

We at the Pet Super Store will be the first to admit that there’s nothing cuter than thinking about a furry puppy or kitten popping out of a big, bow-tied box. But if you’re thinking of gifting a pet for the holidays, we’ll be the first to tell you to think twice.

While gifting a pet for the holidays is an extremely warm and fuzzy picture, the reality is that the holidays are one of the worst times to receive a pet. Many dogs and cats end up in shelters a month or two after the holiday rush is over.

Here are some important points to think about if you’re considering gifting a pet for the holidays:

Is the person ready for the commitment of a pet? It may seem like a silly question, but committing yourself to a pet is different than wanting a pet. While your beloved may want a dog, are they really in a position to make a 10-year or more commitment? Do they have the time and resources to train and care for the dog or cat? Make sure if you’re gifting a pet to someone that they’re serious in their commitment to raise a pet for better or worse.

When it comes to kids, are you ready for a pet? As a parent, you may think that you’ll wow your kids with a pet this holiday season and teach them some responsibility about caring for pets in the long run. But children shouldn’t be ultimately responsible for animal care. While they may be able to take part in the care, when it comes to training a dog or making medical decisions about a sick cat, the responsibility falls on you.

Even if you think you’re ready for a pet, many rescue shelters require dogs to meet with a family before an adoption for a reason: you should make sure that a dog or cat is a good fit for your family before bringing them home.  Your future pet and your kids deserve the ability to meet each other before moving in together.

Does your holiday season allow for a pet? Your relationship with your pet starts the minute you bring it home. A puppy’s training needs start right away and older dogs need time to get acclimated to your home and boundaries. Even cats require extra attention when they first get in the door.

Do you have this kind of time during the holidays? Is your house pet ready; free of potential dangers like wrapping paper and bows a dog might eat or a Christmas tree for your cat to climb? Take these factors into consideration before gifting a pet.

If you really think that a gifted pet is the right option this holiday season, the ASPCA recommends wrapping up a box of essential supplies such as a leash, collar, and bowl, along with a certificate promising adoption of a new pet in lieu of the real thing.

A certificate allows future pet owners some participation in picking out their future companion, as well as some extra time to ensure their commitment to their pet.  Pet Super Store offers a wide range of essentials for any future pet owner, including dog gates, anti-bark collars, dog beds, and much more.

And while pet supplies are easily returnable, dogs and cats are not.

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