2013 Pet Names of the Year

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Naming a new pet can be bewildering. Sure some animals just seem to scream name me “Blackie” or “Snowball,” and are titled instantly. But others can take a good amount of pondering before landing on just the perfect moniker.

After all, naming a dog is akin to naming a child. One resource for pet names is to choose a name off the top 10 list. According to Vetstreet’s database of 925,000 puppies and 425,000 cats born since January 1, 2013, this is is a list of the most popular puppy and kitten names of the year.



         Males Names Female Names Male Names Female Names
1. Max Bella Oliver Bella
2. Buddy Daisy Max Lucy
3. Charlie Lucy Tiger Kitty
4. Rocky Molly Charlie Luna
5. Cooper Sadie Simba Chloe
6. Duke Sophie Mile Molly
7. Bear Lola Smokey Lily
8. Jack Chloe Leo Sophie
9. Bentley Zoey Jack Nala
10. Toby Maggie Kitty Daisy


Top Ten Puppy Names

The top four female puppy names have held the number 1 through 4 slots for the past 8 years. You have to wonder if the Twilight saga has helped bolster the name Bella for the past few years since it is also the number one name for kittens.

The name Lola has been moving up and down in slots for the past few years, but other dog names haven’t changed much this past year.

Not much is new for the male dog names other than swapping places a bit. In fact, for the past several years, the names Max and Buddy have swapped between the number 1 and 2 slots. Both have been in the top two for over a dozen years now according to Vetstreet.

Puppy Names on the Rise

The hottest name on the female puppy list is Luna. The name has moved from the number 84 position to the number 13 position this year. As for the fastest-moving male dog name, Diesel, has risen three slots just since last year.

A mere 10 years ago, the name Zoey was number 33 on the list, and now it is number 9. That’s also a significant increase in popularity.

Top 10 Kitten Names

While the number 2 female name, Lucy, has been the number two name for six out of the past 11 year, the name Bella has held the number one position for seven straight years now. Prior to Bella, the number one spot went to the name Kitty for several consecutive years.

We do have a new number one male name, Oliver, which dropped the name Max out of its reign of five years. For more than 15 years, Tiger has been in the top three of the list. Now that’s true popularity!

This year’s top list includes the name Nala for the very first time.

Kitten Names on the Rise

While the name Luna didn’t make it into the top 10 dog names, the name has increased in popularity each of the last 10 years. In fact, Luna wasn’t even part of the top 50 list 10 years ago.

Mittens is a name to watch as it pawed its way up 10 slots in a single year (from 28 to 18). And the name Pepper leaped from number 42 to number 21. It will be exciting to see how these two names do in 2014!

Non-Traditional Pet Names

Some pet owners wouldn’t dream of giving their new pet a traditional or popular name. They want a name that is unique.

As a child growing up, our pets always had very unique names. I should preface this with telling you my mother has a sense of humor.

We had a dog named After You, another one named Same As Yours, and a cat named Who. These monikers always got a rise out of the humans who were baffled and confused.

Another option is to create a name out of your own. After dozens of years of humorous pet names, my folks combined their names, Janice and Daniel, into a name and went with Jada.

While naming a new pet can take some time and isn’t always chosen prior to getting said pet, preparing for caring for our four-legged friends begins before bring them home.

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This will most likely be our last blog post for 2013 – we want to take a moment and express our deep gratitude to our readers and customers for a wonderful year. We look forward to bringing you all the best training tips, health tips and general pet news into 2014 and beyond…

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