5 of the Best Gifts for your Best Pet

Small dog sitting by Christmas treeYour dog is no doubt an honored member of your family. And while your dog will love you no matter what, it only seems right to share the holiday spirit with your beloved four legged friend by presenting him with a little gift or two this holiday season.

If you’re running behind on your Christmas shopping list, here are five fabulous gifts any pooch will appreciate:

1) Donut Dog Bed

If you want your dog to have the ultimate sleeping spot (that’s not your bed), consider gifting the Donut Dog Bed. The core and bolster of this top-rated dog bed are made out of 100% high memory foam polyester. While this bed will please any dog, the bolstered design of the bed is particularly pleasing to puppies and supportive for older dogs. With over seventy different patterns to choose for the removable, washable cover, there’s a lot for both you and your pet to love about these beds.

2) Pet Bed Warmer

If your dog already has a comfy dog bed, you might want to consider an electric pet bed warmer. This unit inserts into a pet bed to keep your dog toasty all night long. A pet bed warmer would be a particularly welcome gift for older dogs, particularly ones suffering from arthritis, as well as smaller breeds who may have a harder time regulating their body temperature.

3) Kong Genius

If you’re looking for the best kind of stocking stuffer for your furry friend, consider the Kong Genius. The Genius is a fun spin on the average chew toy. It is a treat-dispensing toy that challenges your dog’s problem solving skills to get to the treat inside. Several of these toys can be interlocked together like puzzle pieces to increase the challenge for your dog. The Genius comes in several different sizes and is made in the US from durable, dishwasher-safe food grade rubber.

4) DogTek Eyenimal Pet Video Camera

Okay, so this present might actually be more for you than the dog. This 1.2 ounce camera securely attaches to your dog (or cat’s) collar. From there, it will take up to 2 1/2 hours of video from your pet’s point of view. It even includes a built-in microphone so you can get the full experience of a day in the life of your dog! The camera has a durable, water-resistant casing to keep it generally safe; just remember it’s not waterproof and won’t stand up to a dip in the nearest pond.

5) Big Montana Dog Blanket

Really, who doesn’t love a fuzzy new blanket? The Big Montana is the ultimate in dog comfort, mixing a faux suede side with a cozy fleece one. The blanket is an ideal companion for your dog while riding in the car or sitting next to you on the couch. Your dog will be comfy while your furniture and car stay free of dog hair and the occasional nap drool. It is machine washable and comes in three different sizes to fit any size dog.

Regardless of your taste or budget, Pet Super Store has a wide variety of quality products to choose from this holiday season. If you have any questions about sizing or shipping dates, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department for help.

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