5 of the Best Gifts for your Best Pet

Small dog sitting by Christmas treeYour dog is no doubt an honored member of your family. And while your dog will love you no matter what, it only seems right to share the holiday spirit with your beloved four legged friend by presenting him with a little gift or two this holiday season.

If you’re running behind on your Christmas shopping list, here are five fabulous gifts any pooch will appreciate:

1) Donut Dog Bed

If you want your dog to have the ultimate sleeping spot (that’s not your bed), consider gifting the Donut Dog Bed. The core and bolster of this top-rated dog bed are made out of 100% high memory foam polyester. While this bed will please any dog, the bolstered design of the bed is particularly pleasing to puppies and supportive for older dogs. With over seventy different patterns to choose for the removable, washable cover, there’s a lot for both you and your pet to love about these beds.

2) Pet Bed Warmer

If your dog already has a comfy dog bed, you might want to consider an electric pet bed warmer. This unit inserts into a pet bed to keep your dog toasty all night long. A pet bed warmer would be a particularly welcome gift for older dogs, particularly ones suffering from arthritis, as well as smaller breeds who may have a harder time regulating their body temperature.

3) Kong Genius

If you’re looking for the best kind of stocking stuffer for your furry friend, consider the Kong Genius. The Genius is a fun spin on the average chew toy. It is a treat-dispensing toy that challenges your dog’s problem solving skills to get to the treat inside. Several of these toys can be interlocked together like puzzle pieces to increase the challenge for your dog. The Genius comes in several different sizes and is made in the US from durable, dishwasher-safe food grade rubber.

4) DogTek Eyenimal Pet Video Camera

Okay, so this present might actually be more for you than the dog. This 1.2 ounce camera securely attaches to your dog (or cat’s) collar. From there, it will take up to 2 1/2 hours of video from your pet’s point of view. It even includes a built-in microphone so you can get the full experience of a day in the life of your dog! The camera has a durable, water-resistant casing to keep it generally safe; just remember it’s not waterproof and won’t stand up to a dip in the nearest pond.

5) Big Montana Dog Blanket

Really, who doesn’t love a fuzzy new blanket? The Big Montana is the ultimate in dog comfort, mixing a faux suede side with a cozy fleece one. The blanket is an ideal companion for your dog while riding in the car or sitting next to you on the couch. Your dog will be comfy while your furniture and car stay free of dog hair and the occasional nap drool. It is machine washable and comes in three different sizes to fit any size dog.

Regardless of your taste or budget, Pet Super Store has a wide variety of quality products to choose from this holiday season. If you have any questions about sizing or shipping dates, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department for help.

Safely Enjoying Halloween with your Pet


Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s absolutely nothing more fun that dressing our pets in cute costumes. We have a huge selection of pet costumes for your selection!

Pet Super Store hopes your Halloween is spooktacular! And, of course, we want to see your pets in their costumes. Send us photos of your precious little four-legged goblin along with a few facts about your pet so that we can share them on our site.

Keeping your dog comfortable and happy is a cinch with our collection. And impressing family and friends has never been easier as one look at your dog will instantly put a smile on everyone’s face.

Just like with our human children, there are some safety issues to take into consideration when costuming our four-legged kids. So before you strap on reindeer ears or tie on those bee wings, here are some safety tips from the Humane Society of the United States.

Pet Costume Advice

  • Be careful when considering a costume for your pet. Most pets are happiest wearing nothing but their birthday suits, but if you do choose a costume for your pets, forgo masks and make sure costumes are comfortable and don’t pose a risk for injury.
  • If your dog or cat doesn’t want to wear the costume, don’t force the issue. Try getting them comfortable with the costume first. Start early and depending on the intricacy of the disguise, start dressing them slowly and in pieces to gauge their reaction.
  • A costume should never confine, constrain or aggravate your pet. Anything that makes them uncomfortable can stress them out and make them unhappy.
  • Once the costume is on and is fitted properly, make sure there isn’t anything that could be a trip or burn hazard like a cape or long flowing hair.
  • Check the costume for little parts within biting or chewing distance. Remember, they’ll chew on anything they find remotely interesting, especially if they are in a nervous state.
  • Look closely at the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat of your dog or cat once they are dressed.  If you need to, make physical adjustments to the costume including cutting eye and ear holes or removing whole portions of the costume to increase their ability to see, hear and breathe.
  • When going out trick-or-treating, leave your dog at home. Dogs can be easily excited by the Halloween commotion and become nervous.
  • Keep your cats safely indoors. Cats are always safest inside with you, but on Halloween it’s especially important to keep your cats—and all other pets—in the house.
  • Separate your pets from Halloween activities and trick-or-treaters, even in your house. Remember that masks and costumes change how people look and smell to a pet, so even familiar people may become frightening.
  • Keep candy out of your pets’ reach. Chocolate and other ingredients can be toxic to them.
  • Decorations can be dangerous, so keep them safely away from pets. Candle flames can set fire to their fur. Hanging or dangling decorations can be an entanglement or choking hazard.
  • Use fake cobwebs sparingly, if at all. Pets can choke on fake cobwebs set up indoors. Outdoors, fake webs may be a hazard to birds and wildlife.
  • Your pets should always have identification and registration tags on their collars. This simple little rule is even more important during this time of year when they will be exposed to many opportunities for escape. Think about how many times you open your door on Halloween night!

General Pet Halloween Advice

Halloween can be an exciting time, no matter your age. Keep the preceding tips in mind though as you either trick-or-treat or welcome kids to your doorstep.

And find the best selection of Halloween pet costumes for your furry friend at Pet-Super-Store.com. Avoid the crowds of big-box stores like PetSmart – many of our products are priced well below the competition, and all orders over $75 ship for free.

Dealing with Destructive Dog Behavior?


The answer can be as simple as a new stimulation dog toy!

It’s a common scenario: someone brings home an adorable puppy but doesn’t plan for destructive dog behavior.

At first, everything is fine. Both the owner and the puppy are perfectly happy playing with each other. Somehow, after potty training and teaching the basic commands, you come home to find your favorite pair of shoes have been chewed up and torn apart, and there are little chunks of leather strewn around for you to find over the next week or so—forcing you to relive the incident over and over.

Sound familiar? Many pet owners are simply amazed to find that their beloved puppy has betrayed them. Not wanting to believe their not-so-new puppy is showing signs of destructive dog behavior, the lost shoes are seen as a one-time thing and the incident fades into the background.

But then a few weeks later after finding two more pair of shoes and your favorite bra chewed up, changing the pup’s name to “Chewy” becomes a consideration. Once Chewy gets a taste for the trash can, now that he’s grown a bit, the problems seem to escalate.

What happened to their seemingly perfect puppy and how can they make it stop becomes the topic of discussion with friends and co-workers.

While all of this is destructive behavior, it doesn’t mean your puppy will grow up destroying everything you own.

The truth is, raising a new pup is challenging, especially when it comes to correcting behavioral problems. It is helpful to remember teaching your dog not to do certain innate behaviors is attempting to change the dog’s nature. While this is fine up to a point, we don’t want to completely obliterate natural instinct.

Digging, chewing, searching, pawing, and foraging are normal dog behaviors. They’re part of what make our dogs…dogs. Thus, when they chew on our shoes and poke their nose in the trash, that’s pretty much normal dog stuff.

Fixing the problem requires knowing why this destructive behavior is happening.

In most cases, the pup is simply bored, especially that first year or two.

Cooped up inside all day, dogs can’t get the degree of stimulation they naturally crave. Dog toys and games are designed to address the issue. Toys allow dogs to express the natural dog behaviors that lead to chewed up shoes.

Of course, every dog is different. That’s why Pet Super Store carries the most popular pet toys:

Dog puzzle toys and games are recommended by veterinarians for dealing with destructive behaviors. Working off excess energy keeps your dog from getting bored and destructive, which is why introducing your dog to new toys periodically is important.

Mentally and physically challenging toys provide enrichment and excitement in dogs’ daily routines, which will help curb undesirable behavior. Dogs naturally want to work for their food.

A smarter dog toy could help to redirect your destructive dog’s behavior.

So what Pet Super Store dog toy is next on your list?

Electronic Pet Doors Provide Ultimate Security

Photo of a dog letting himself in the houseA dog door is a win-win for both the pet and the pet parent. Providing the convenience of allowing your pet an entryway to use whenever nature calls, liberates both of you.

Sometimes, however, security concerns require precautions providing a more sophisticated protection system.

When you seek to purchase a dog door that also provides maximum security, an electronic security pet door is the answer! Electronic pet doors are secure, energy efficient, dependable, easy to use and pet and child safe.

This intelligent door solution operates automatically. You simply plug it into an outlet or hardwired in, and it stops unwanted visitors such as squirrels and neighborhood strays.

The system has a coded “key” that attaches to your pet’s collar and uses RFID (Radio Frequency and Infrared technology) to detect when to unlock and slide the door up like a mini garage. You are able to choose the code from thousands of options.

Installed easily, electronic pet doors fit and seal perfectly. You never have to worry about pinched tails (or little fingers) because the panel won’t close when obstructed in any way.

The collar key, which fastens securely to your pet’s collar, is waterproof and does not need batteries. So there is no continual upkeep on the device or expensive batteries to replace.

The motor is interior mounted, so you don’t have to worry about the motor freezing up when it gets cold.

Electronic dog doors are attractive and built to provide ultimate security for years to come. The systems include exterior trim and required hardware for easy installation.

The extra key provided enables use with two dogs with each key being suitable for dogs up to 125 lbs.

While ensuring excellent security, they are easy to use featuring one-button programming to add or change collar codes quickly and simply.

Quick Review of Electronic Pet Door Features:

Uses RFID technology for 2-way control of entry and exit

  • Collar keys are waterproof, battery-free, and shockproof
  • Collar keys snap on easily to pet’s collar and stay securely
  • Rust-proof heavy-duty Aluminum frames (and tunnel for wall units)
  • Tough Shatter-resistant acrylic panel
  • Works with underground fencing
  • Won’t interfere with home security systems
  • One-button code programming, thousands of key codes available
  • Interior locking stainless door
  • Raccoon Proof

Having an electronic dog door provides you and your family with great security while also allowing your pet freedom to instantly access automatic entry.

If you’ve ever had a neighbor’s pet or even worse a stray enter your home through your dog door, you know how unsettling it can feel. Electronic dog doors provide you valuable comfort knowing only your pets are using the door.

Certainly, pet owners who live in rural areas where wildlife is abundant have even more security concerns than pet owners who live in the city. Living in the country, you have to worry about many more of Mother Nature’s creatures: raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, etc.

If you are experiencing security issues with your current dog door, consider purchasing an electronic security pet door for your pets.

You will love the security provided by an electronic dog door.

Agility Training: Fun & Rewarding for Pets & Pet Parents


Dog agility training is an exciting way for you and your dog to bond while putting his natural instincts to work. Dogs are natural game lovers, and love playing any game you introduce.

Dog agility is a popular canine sport in which a handler directs a dog through a variety of obstacles such as a tunnel, teeter-totter, tire jump, weave poles, pause table, and standard jumps. During competitive agility events, handlers attempt to navigate dogs through an obstacle course as quickly and as accurately as they can.

Okay, so maybe you’re not quite interested in competing. But, your dog still needs lots of exercise and activity. Beginning a dog agility training program with your pet is a great way for your dog to work off some energy and keep in shape.

Think of how fun it will be to go to the dog park and show off your dog’s ability to maneuver whatever obstacles you place in front of her. Your dog will absolutely be a huge hit at the park.

Here are some benefits for you and your dog to begin agility training.

  • Fulfill your dog’s natural instincts

Dogs are natural hunters. Agility training mimics many of their natural hunter instincts such as jumping over fallen logs, climbing up steep slopes, and squeezing through bushes and vegetation. Agility courses are designed to imitate these types of natural scenarios and fulfill dogs’ hunting and chasing desires.

  • Provide great exercise for your dog     

Agility helps strengthen muscles, improve coordination, maintain fitness and increase endurance. By running a course that involves different obstacles, your dog’s mind and body are challenged. Oh yeah, it’s a fun way for your dog to expel excess energy. Running through a course that involves passing over and through a variety of obstacles will challenge your dog’s mind and body. Involving your dog in agility will help to strengthen his muscles, improve coordination, keep him fit, and increase endurance.

  • You get in shape, too!

Teaching your dog agility is not a passive activity.  You will be running alongside your dog, and encouraging him soaring over jumps, weaving through poles, and crawling out of collapsed tunnels. It’s definitely an activity you both participate in. While you and your dog train to swiftly complete the course, you will enjoy a heart-healthy cardiovascular workout.

  • Strengthen the bond between you and your dog

Agility courses require you to communicate with your dog using only verbal and hand instructions because the courses are set up such that dogs aren’t able to complete them without the help of the handler. Communicating through verbal and hand instructions strengthens the trust between owner and dog.

Teaching your dog navigate through agility obstacles will also help reinforce basic obedience commands. Better communication between dog and owner ultimately helps to improve your dog’s behavior outside of the agility course.

Get your dog started today!!