Time to Take the Train? Amtrak May Soon Allow Pets to Ride the Rails


If you’ve ever wanted to take a train ride and bring your pet along, you were probably disappointed to find out that Amtrak doesn’t allow pets on its trains the way that commercial airlines do. But a group of animal-loving congress members are working to change Amtrak’s restrictive policy.

The bi-partisan group of Congress members including Reps. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), Jeff Denham (R-Calif.), and Michael Grimm (R-NY.) led a Capitol Hill event to show their support of the legislation that is also supported by Amtrak and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.  The legislation is called the Pets on Trains Act of 2013, or more formally H.R. 2066.

What the Bill Proposes

The bill, which the Representatives introduced to congress in May of 2013, proposes that the government-owned Amtrak would enact a pet policy that allowed ticketed passengers to transport domesticated dogs and cats in the same manner as a carry-on bag, provided that

  • The animal is contained in a crate
  • The kennel can be stowed according to Amtrak’s carry-on size requirements
  • The passenger is traveling less than 750 miles
  • The passenger pays a fee for the transport of its animal.

The bill would also allow a crated animal to travel in the same manner as cargo.

The legislation would not affect standing Amtrak policies that regard the ability of passengers to travel with their service animals.

Get Involved

You can track the progress of the bill through congress by visiting the govtrack.us website, which predicts that the bill has a 71% chance of becoming passed legislation.

The Humane Society of the United States offers a pre-fabricated email form urging your legislator to support H.R. 2066 that you can fill out and send from their website.

Ensuring Safe Travel

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Chinese Proposed Ban Talk of the Town

Word on the web this week has definitely been about the Chinese proposed ban on eating dogs and cats. Clearly, I’m no dog eater. I’m not even a cat eater ;) But, I am an animal eater. So, the question becomes…where do you draw the line with accepted edible animals?

Say I had grown up in China though. If eating dog meat was the norm, it would be pretty weird to be banned from eating it all of the sudden. I might even be angry about it. Many feel that the ban has been proposed to apease the West. Some speculate that Chinese pet perception is evolving. The point is, people are talking.

What makes this custom so different than others? American’s demanding the ban of dog and cat meat is a little ethnocentric, don’t ya think?

As for me? I’m conflicted. As animal lover and pet owner, I like the idea of the ban…but, probably because it doesn’t apply to or affect me. Really, I think it’s simply cultural thing.

What about you?