5 of the Best Gifts for your Best Pet

Small dog sitting by Christmas treeYour dog is no doubt an honored member of your family. And while your dog will love you no matter what, it only seems right to share the holiday spirit with your beloved four legged friend by presenting him with a little gift or two this holiday season.

If you’re running behind on your Christmas shopping list, here are five fabulous gifts any pooch will appreciate:

1) Donut Dog Bed

If you want your dog to have the ultimate sleeping spot (that’s not your bed), consider gifting the Donut Dog Bed. The core and bolster of this top-rated dog bed are made out of 100% high memory foam polyester. While this bed will please any dog, the bolstered design of the bed is particularly pleasing to puppies and supportive for older dogs. With over seventy different patterns to choose for the removable, washable cover, there’s a lot for both you and your pet to love about these beds.

2) Pet Bed Warmer

If your dog already has a comfy dog bed, you might want to consider an electric pet bed warmer. This unit inserts into a pet bed to keep your dog toasty all night long. A pet bed warmer would be a particularly welcome gift for older dogs, particularly ones suffering from arthritis, as well as smaller breeds who may have a harder time regulating their body temperature.

3) Kong Genius

If you’re looking for the best kind of stocking stuffer for your furry friend, consider the Kong Genius. The Genius is a fun spin on the average chew toy. It is a treat-dispensing toy that challenges your dog’s problem solving skills to get to the treat inside. Several of these toys can be interlocked together like puzzle pieces to increase the challenge for your dog. The Genius comes in several different sizes and is made in the US from durable, dishwasher-safe food grade rubber.

4) DogTek Eyenimal Pet Video Camera

Okay, so this present might actually be more for you than the dog. This 1.2 ounce camera securely attaches to your dog (or cat’s) collar. From there, it will take up to 2 1/2 hours of video from your pet’s point of view. It even includes a built-in microphone so you can get the full experience of a day in the life of your dog! The camera has a durable, water-resistant casing to keep it generally safe; just remember it’s not waterproof and won’t stand up to a dip in the nearest pond.

5) Big Montana Dog Blanket

Really, who doesn’t love a fuzzy new blanket? The Big Montana is the ultimate in dog comfort, mixing a faux suede side with a cozy fleece one. The blanket is an ideal companion for your dog while riding in the car or sitting next to you on the couch. Your dog will be comfy while your furniture and car stay free of dog hair and the occasional nap drool. It is machine washable and comes in three different sizes to fit any size dog.

Regardless of your taste or budget, Pet Super Store has a wide variety of quality products to choose from this holiday season. If you have any questions about sizing or shipping dates, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department for help.

4 Tips for Safely Celebrating Thanksgiving With Your Dog

Dog (not in focus) licks itself and sitting in front of big tast

Thanksgiving holds a lot of temptations. Not only may you be tempted to eat that second piece of pumpkin pie, you may also be tempted to give a nibble to your furry friend who is making puppy eyes at you from under the table. And there are so many leftovers that it just seems fair to share some with your dog.

But is sharing the feast with your dog a good idea?

The ASPCA and Pet MD both agree that it’s okay to celebrate with your pet as long as you practice moderation and follow a few practical safety tips:

1) Know what foods could kill your dog: Thanksgiving or not, you should know the foods that your dog should absolutely never eat because they can be toxic and deadly. These foods include chocolate, vegetables in the allium family (onions, leeks, garlic, and shallots) and the artificial sweetener xylitol.

2) Don’t feed your dog anything you wouldn’t eat yourself: Raw eggs, undercooked turkey, and bones can all be dangerous to your dog, just like they can be dangerous for you.

3) Stick to what’s simple and fresh: Turkey is okay to feed your dog, but try to stick to white meat with the skin removed. Other simple dishes such as cranberry sauce, steamed carrots, or a potato mashed without dairy additives are good choices.

4) Practice moderation: Just remember if you give your dog too many rich foods, they’ll have a stomachache, just like you. And even if there are a lot of leftovers, remember that your dog isn’t a garbage disposal. If you want them around for a long time, be mindful of their diet. The ASPCA recommends that one way you can stretch out treat food is to stuff a Kong Genius  or other treat toy with acceptable Thanksgiving treats to keep them occupied and happy.

Smelling a turkey all day without getting to eat some is a test of patience for any dog. You can keep your canine happy by making sure you provide some distraction during day including a safe nylabone and a good walk.

If you have a lot of company over, make sure that your dog has some time to himself so he’s not overwhelmed by so many people – putting up your dog gate and keeping them contained in a certain room is one way to keep your pooch out of trouble.

Whatever your Thanksgiving feast involves, we at Pet Super Store wish you and your dog a happy one!

Do You Love Your Pet More Than Your Partner?

Zen moment for dogWhile gentlemen may prefer blondes, women these days may prefer their pet over their partner.  A recent poll of 2,000 British women revealed one in ten claimed to love her pet more than her husband or boyfriend.

Treating pets as family members is certainly not uncommon. But some people might find it shocking that some women love their animal more than their partner. And, 41% these women not only don’t feel guilty about it, half of them indicated if their partner didn’t get along with their pet, it would be a deal-breaker!

The poll, which was taken by Brooke, an animal welfare organization, also showed almost one-third of pet owners love their pets as much as their partner. Pets don’t talk back or complain about a messy house, so it isn’t surprising that 40% feel their pet is never annoying.

One of the reasons we love our pets is because of the attention we receive from them. Roughly 39% of these women acknowledge their affection for their pet increases when their partner’s affection decreases.

The survey is one indicator of the amazing depths of feelings pet owners have for their pets. We buy our pets toys and special treats and do our best to shower them with love and playtime.

According to American Pet Products Association statistics, Americans spent 53.33 billion dollars on their pets in 2012, and that number is not expected to decrease.

A total of 68% of American households have pets, which is a 12% increase since 1988, the first year the statistic was tracked.

While more households own a dog (56.7 million), the number of cats owned is 95.6 million, which is 12.3 million more than the number of dogs owned as pets. It would seem that many cat owners have more than one cat.

So how exactly did Americans spend over 53 million dollars on their pets last year? Continue reading for a breakdown…

  • $20.64 billion – Food & Treats
  • $13.67 billion – Vet Care (non-surgical)
  • $12.65 billion – OTC Supplies & Care
  • $4.16 billion – Grooming & Boarding
  • $2.21 billion – Live Animals

The number of households owning a pet has doubled in the last 15 years. It’s obvious: people love their pets and spend an increasing amount on them.

The increase in awareness of rescue pets and the value of adoption may be influencing the remarkable increase in American pet households. But the reason for the increase is far less important than the fact more and more people are becoming pet owners.

Pet Super Store is dedicated to providing pet owners with exceptional products for their furry friends, including dog gates, dog beds and much more.

We want to know what you think. Is it okay to love your pet more than your partner? Do you? If so, would you admit it to your partner?

Let us know and we’ll post your responses!

Dog Parks: What to Know Before You Go

dogparksWhen a pooch is looking to get out of the house and off the leash, dog parks can be a great place to both socialize and burn off some extra energy. At the same time, dog parks can be emotionally scarring and physically dangerous if you don’t approach the encounter with awareness and care. To ensure that your dog has a positive dog park experience, consider the following tips:

1) Make Sure Your Dog is Ready: Your dog will need to be up to date on all vaccines and have a current license to enter a park, but just as importantly, they need good manners.

Make sure that you’re aware of how your dog reacts to other dogs. Dog parks are not the place to work on socialization. Your dog should also be able to consistently respond to you as a handler, being able to “sit,” “come,” and “leave it” on command. Mastery of the basic obedience commands will help you keep your dog and other dogs safe in compromising interactions.

2) Always Visit the Park First on Your Own: Before you take your dog to any dog park, you should visit on your own. Doing so allows you the opportunity to gauge if the park would be a good fit for your dog. Check out the facility, the procedure for entering and leaving, park rules, and the general vibe of the park.

If you have a small breed dog, you will want to check and see if the park has separate areas for large and small breed dogs. These separate areas can help ensure that your small dog doesn’t get mistaken for prey by a larger dog.

After you’re comfortable with the park, try to plan your dog’s first visit during off-peak hours, such as during weekday work hours or early on a Sunday morning. Visiting during a less busy time can help your dog become familiar with the surroundings and the idea of the dog park without being overwhelmed by a great number of dogs.

3) Keep Your Eyes on Your Dog at All Times: Dog parks are meant for dogs to interact and relax, not owner socialization. While it can be tempting to get caught up in a good conversation while your dog plays, you need to have your eyes on your dog at all times. Be aware of the other dogs who are both present and entering the park. If you notice other dogs getting out of control or showing aggression, its best to call your dog in for the day.

Also keep a close eye on your dog’s behavior. If your dog is showing disinterest, fear, or seems on edge, remove your dog from the park as soon as possible to avoid potential problems.

Remember that while you may want your dog to be social, its more important to carefully read your dogs emotions to the best of your ability and to protect them from harmful situations.

Learn more about things you need to consider before, during and after visiting a dog park by reading our latest knowledge center article – Having Fun at Dog Parks: What to Know Before You Go – today.

If you need to work on obedience before you head to a dog park, check out Pet Super Store’s collection of dog training collars, pet car seats and other important items for safely taking your dog out to parks and other public places.

Pet Hotels


Pets today are getting pampered on an all-new level. And various companies are doing their part in offering additional and often luxurious perks for pets, especially the hotel industry.

Pets have been considered family members for some time now. There’s even a new name for it: humanization. Today’s pet owners prefer products similar to the ones they use for themselves.

It is not uncommon for pet owners to cook for their furry friends. And there are even pets on gluten-free or organic food.

In just the last two years, there has been a 9% increase in properties that permit pets. In 2012, a whopping 61% not only allowed pets, but were catering to pets.

At a hotel these days, your pet can get some pretty outrageous services:

  • a blessing by a shaman as he circles said pet with burning incense
  • a garland of shells and flowers and a private retire to a miniature tiki hut
  • wooded trails for hiking
  • cooking classes with your pets learning how to make healthy dog biscuits
  • pedometers
  • pooch minibars

Pets love to travel with us, and with all that is being offered to traveling pets, owners can choose to pamper their loved ones in ways that are only limited by your imaginations—and pocketbook.

And we’re not just talking about gimmicks of the past. Hotels seem to be sending the message that not only are pets permitted—they are desired and entitled to special treatment.

Hotels of the past tolerated pets or allowed them, but they certainly didn’t create ways to encourage you to bring your pet.

Some of the more imaginative hotel packages can include

  • pet-icures
  • pet psychics
  • pet sitting
  • pooper scoopers

How about a room service menu for dogs? It’s coming soon to the Muse in Manhattan. Hotels like the Muse also provide an amenity bag for pets—big ones for big dogs, and small bags for smaller dogs.

There’s also a hotel offering yappy hour where dogs and their owners mingle over complimentary wine and cocktails.

If you don’t have a pet, never fear. There are hotels who invite guests to be pet owners for a night. You can have a goldfish in a bowl delivered to their room, a service known as Guppy Love.

The service isn’t expensive for the hotel, and it gets their guests talking to their friends about the experience. And talking about a company is free word-of-mouth advertising, which is the best kind.

Pet friendly hotels often offer a more relaxed atmosphere where pet owners don’t have to worry about a friendly bark or two or a game of catch in the hallway.

One hotel has launched a program that shuttles dogs to and from the Chateau Marmutt day care for $299, including the day care.

Then there’s the Top Dog weekend, which begins with cocktails for the humans and chicken-flavored water for the dogs, and includes hiking, biscuit-making with ingredients like pumpkin, oatmeal and apple sauce and a “pet-icure,” in which dogs receive blowouts and have their nails trimmed ($499 for the weekend, pet activities included).

Pet parents are passionate about pets. And at Pet Super Store we are passionate about providing you and your pets with a diversity of needs!