How to Train Your Dog using a Shock Collar

If your canine is displaying classic disobedient issue signs - barking at objects, jumping out at small kids, using the bathroom on your couch - it might be finally time to consider using a pet shock collar. A pet shock collar includes a humane method of assisting in training a pooch. Unlike using … [Read More...]


Ways to Housebreak a Puppy

Are you interested in knowing how to housebreak a puppy? If so, you have come to the right place! Here, we’ll let you in on some of the most important steps to keep your puppy from having an accident inside your home. Step One:  For housebreaking includes knowing your pup's routines and cues. Mo … [Read More...]

kitten and puppy

2013 Pet Names of the Year

Naming a new pet can be bewildering. Sure some animals just seem to scream name me “Blackie” or “Snowball,” and are titled instantly. But others can take a good amount of pondering before landing on just the perfect moniker. After all, naming a dog is akin to naming a child. One resource for pet n … [Read More...]


Service Dogs Help Children with Disabilities

Some of us may still think of service dogs primarily as Seeing Eye dogs for the blind, but over the past fifteen years, service dogs have expanded their work into many different fields. A New York Times Magazine article, "Wonder Dog", highlights a field where service dogs are really making a big … [Read More...]

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Deck the Halls with Safety: Pet-Proofing Tips

Thanksgiving is over, and the hustle and bustle of Christmas is full-on. During this season of holiday festivities, any experienced pet owner can appreciate how important it is to pet-proof your Christmas tree and other indoor and outdoor decorations. December brings cooler temperatures and … [Read More...]


Time to Take the Train? Amtrak May Soon Allow Pets to Ride the Rails

If you've ever wanted to take a train ride and bring your pet along, you were probably disappointed to find out that Amtrak doesn't allow pets on its trains the way that commercial airlines do. But a group of animal-loving congress members are working to change Amtrak's restrictive policy. The … [Read More...]

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Think Twice Before Gifting a Pet for the Holidays

We at the Pet Super Store will be the first to admit that there's nothing cuter than thinking about a furry puppy or kitten popping out of a big, bow-tied box. But if you're thinking of gifting a pet for the holidays, we'll be the first to tell you to think twice. While gifting a pet for the … [Read More...]

Small dog sitting by Christmas tree

5 of the Best Gifts for your Best Pet

Your dog is no doubt an honored member of your family. And while your dog will love you no matter what, it only seems right to share the holiday spirit with your beloved four legged friend by presenting him with a little gift or two this holiday season. If you're running behind on your Christmas … [Read More...]