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Bark Collars

Uncontrolled barking can be a nuisance and stressful. Anti-bark devices provide a safe, effective way to keep your dog quiet when you need them to be

Barking is a natural part of the dog life – it's the one way our friends in fur communicate with us. Sometimes it's a happy bark, while other times they're warning us to a stranger in the yard or some danger. In a way, barking is a demonstration of your dog's loyalty.

At times though, barking can be a nuisance – dogs sometimes make noise for no apparent reason.

This of course can be a real stressor when you're trying to relax, watch a movie or take a nap. Just about the time you're ready to settle down, your dog starts a tirade that seemingly goes on for hours.

And not only is it a nuisance to you, it can be bothersome to your neighbors. Many communities across the U.S. even have ordinances against excessive barking – if your dog is bothersome enough to your neighbors, you could be hit with a big fine or even have your dog taken away!

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Dog Bark Collar Learning Resources

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We offer a full range of anti-bark options including
electronic collars and stationary ultrasonic devices.

PetSafe Bark Collars
Put an end to your pups excessive barking with the highly efficient, durable and reliable bark collars.

Tri Tronics Bark Control
Say goodbye to the never-ending bark of your dogs while welcoming pleasant sleep and quiet dinners.


Innotek Bark Collars
Put a trap over your dogs excessive bark with fine citronella mists and shock collars that are humane, safe and highly efficient.

Dogtra Bark Collars
Put a sock in your dogs yap with the revolutionary Dogtra bark collars. The highly technological collar will halt your pets nagging howl and bark so you and your neighbors can finally sleep in peace.


SportDOG Bark Collars
Change your sleeping habits and eat in peace and quiet with help from the SportDOG bark collars.

Extra Dog Fence Collars
Continue the freedom to roam for your dog with extra dog fence collars that create a quick, simple and cost-efficient fix to any broken or lost units.


Dog bark collars and other anti-bark devices provide a humane,
effective solution for addressing nuisance barking

Bark collars on the market today are much more advanced, simpler and humane than devices you've seen in the past. It's possible to discipline your dog with these devices without inflicting pain – many of the first-generation anti-bark devices would be very painful, especially considering how barking is a normal for a dog.

Today you can choose from a wide range of anti-bark devices – some emit an electronic shock, while others (ultrasonic) put out a high-pitched sound that you can't hear, but your dog will.

However, it's important to understand that controlling a dog's bark goes well beyond any collar or device.

Before you resort to an anti-bark collar or device, you should try
other measures to keep your dog from barking when they shouldn't

First, try to identify what prompts your dog to bark (nuisance) and address the issue there.
One of the biggest reasons is boredom or loneliness. He just wants to play, so if you're not spending enough time with your dog, take a little while to be sure they're getting the attention they need. When you do this, it will wear your dog out and as you may know, tired dogs don't bark, they sleep. Nuisance barking can also be a learned behavior…

If you've given your dog treats to try and get them to be quiet, they may be barking as a ploy to get a dog biscuit. Try and refrain from bribing your dog to do the right thing – it will only encourage more.

If you've exhausted all options and your dog is still barking when they shouldn't, consider an anti-bark collar or device from PetSuperStore. We carry devices from a wide variety of manufacturers, including PetSafe, Dogtro, Innotek and more.

And besides our great selection of top-quality bark collars, enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75 and a 30-day money back guarantee!


Buy an anti-bark collar for your dog and keep them quiet when you're trying to relax

Pet Super Store is committed to keeping your pets safe and happy, and their owners sane at the same time. We offer a wide-range no bark collars and devices that are safe, effective and above all, humane. No-bark devices include electronic shock collars that can be adjusted to meet your needs, as well as stationary ultrasonic system that put out a high-pitched sound your dog will respond to. Bark collars have come a long way since they first became available a few decades ago - rest easy knowing that you can discipline your dog with a no-bark collar without inflicting pain. Our vast selection is backed by dedicated customer service and a complete satisfaction guarantee.